Yellow tail sweet red wine?

Zachery Flatley asked a question: Yellow tail sweet red wine?
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  • Description [ yellow tail ] Sweet Red Roo is made with Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes sourced from the highest quality vineyards. Once the grapes are crushed and stems removed, temperature controlled fermentation ensures maximum varietal flavor, color and tannin extraction.

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Made from a blend of Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, and other red varietals, [yellow tail] Sweet Red Roo is full of fruit aromas and flavours. It is a versatile and unique sweet wine blend. Flavour. Sweet and vibrant, with notes of juicy red berries, vanilla and chocolate.

Yellow Tail. Sweet Red Roo. Australia · South Eastern Australia · Yellow Tail · Red wine · Blend. 3.4. 2631 ratings. Add to Wishlist. Among top 5% of all wines in region (2016 Vintage) Yellow Tail Sweet Red Roo.

Yellow Tail. It all began way back in 1820s when the first Casellas began crafting wine in Italy. Over a century later, in 1951, Filippo Casella and his wife Maria decided to leave their homeland to pursue their hopes and dreams of a better life in Australia.

Yellow Tail is a large Australian wine brand owned by the Casella Family Brands. It has become one of the largest selling wine brands in the world by volume, and is known for its wide range of single-variety wines from popular international grapes including Merlot, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sau... links.

[yellow tail] wines - great Australian wine that everyone can enjoy, every day. Discover our story, explore the [yellow tail] range and find a stockist near you.

Yellowtail sweet red roo contains sulfites to keep it as fresh as possible. Each 750 ml. Bottle ...

Yellow Tail Merlot is a gorgeous ruby red color and offers beautiful aromas of candied fruit, vanilla, and light spice. This wine is medium-bodied and just off-dry. The palate is soft, smooth, and velvety, with ripe plum flavors, juicy berries, and subtle spice. It has a sweet fruit center and a soft, lush finish.

For 3 generations the Casella family has been making wine at their winery in the small town of Yenda, situated in South Eastern Australia. It is here that Yellow Tail is created with a simple purpose in mind; to make great wine that everyone can enjoy. This wine has bold, expressive and naturally sweet flavors that make you want to jump for joy!

This [ yellow tail ] Jammy Red Roo is everything a great wine should be – sweet, vibrant and easy to drink [ yellow tail ] Jammy Red Roo displays aromas of naturally sweet red berries, vanilla, and chocolate. The wine is a full flavor mix of prominent red varietals carefully put together to project ripe berries, vanilla and chocolate.

Yellowtail wines is a family owned and operated wine company based in the small country of Yenda, Australia. Yellowtail wine products are currently made by the 6th generation of the Casella family who plans to continue the family tradition and business.

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