Would you let kids eat from a cake with alcohol?

Dayna Carroll asked a question: Would you let kids eat from a cake with alcohol?
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❔ Is it safe for kids to eat cake with alcohol?

Foods containing alcohol that are uncooked, such as gateaux, alcohol-soaked cakes and syllabubs should, of course, never be offered to children (as the alcohol is not evaporated and remains present) and, contrary to popular belief, even cooked foods can retain more alcohol content than many people realise.

❔ Cake with alcohol recipes?

The Best Alcohol Cake Recipes on Yummly | Eclair Cake, Upside Down Pineapple Cake, One-bowl Pumpkin Sheet Cake With Chocolate Bourbon Buttercream

❔ How to infuse cake with alcohol?

There are a few great ways to do this. The best, I've found, is to bake your cake and let it cool. While it cools, make a syrup of the alcohol you want to use. You can do a quick search for this online, but it's typically 1:1 ratio of booze:granulated sugar.

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About 45% of the alcohol remains after baking. With a rum cake there's half a cup of rum in the cake, but there's also another half a cup of rum in the glaze. Even with rum cake, I see nothing wrong with letting my kids eat a slice. There still not enough alcohol in a slice to do anything. None of my kids have ever gotten tipsy.

Traditionally, yes. The ladyfingers which form the base of the cake are usually brushed with or soaked in a mixture of coffee and a liquor such as amaretto, cognac, or rum. It’s not a lot of alcohol, perhaps a tablespoon or two, but it is usually there. 18.5K views

I would like to make this Mexican Vanilla Kaluha cake but I'm wondering if it would be ok for kids to eat being that it contains 1 cup of Kaluha? I got this recipe for gourmet flavors google document. Link below. I'm hoping the alcohol will evaporate in baking process but I'm not sure. What do you think? Mexican Vanilla Kaluha - pinkbox 2 boxes French Vanilla mix 2 cups flour (used both kinds) 2 cups sugar 2 tsp ground cinnamon 1-1/2 tsp salt 1-2/3 cups water 1 cup Kaluha 1/4 cup vegetable ...

If you can taste and smell the rum in the cake, and if you can squeeze a chunk and liquid drips out of the cake, I wouldn't serve it to a little kid. Some recipes call for maybe 1/2 a cup of rum in the batter and another 1/2 cup or more to brush on (soak) the cooked cake. That's a lot of rum. Other recipes call for no rum in the batter and only a tablespoon or two of rum to be brushed on the cakes.

Red wine doesn't have a whole lot of alcohol to start with, and it cooks for a long time so beef bourguignon is hardly going to have any alcohol remaining, even though you used a lot of wine to start with. On the other hand, a dish where hard liquor was added just before the dish was plated is going to have a lot more. Even flambes have some alcohol remaining when served.

If you have chosen to allow your children to eat foods made with cooking wine, it is important to cook the food in a way that causes the alcohol to fully evaporate from the wine. The wine needs to be cooked for an extended period of time. After adding wine to a sauce or other mixture, simmer or bake it for at least an hour to reduce the alcohol content as much as possible. A wide, uncovered pan is best as it gives the mixture a larger surface area and allows the alcohol to evaporate upward.

Total shot in the dark, Charlie, but I’m thinking if you’re hypersensitive to alcohol, you should avoid products with alcohol in them. But you don’t want smart-ass remarks, you want science. Coming right up. First let’s examine the facts. According to the Dear Abby letter, the recipe called for half a cup of Kahlua and yielded 30 cupcakes. Kahlua is 40 proof, so a half cup contains 0.8 ounces of alcohol — about one and a quarter beers’ worth. Even if all the alcohol remained ...

Always, always, I did a messy job but that didn’t take away even one jot of deliciousness from the cake.The Christmas cake is perhaps the ultimate boozy cake, but luckily, you don’t have to wait until the end of the year for an alcohol-sodden confection. Plenty of cakes will benefit from the addition of a drop or two – not only does the alcohol add depth to the flavour, it also acts as a moistening agent. Just like in everything else, using top drawer ingredients will perhaps lift the ...

A standard shot is 30 millilitres so you would need to eat almost four 100-gram blocks of chocolate to get one shot of liqueur. Most people would need to consume more than 700 grams of chocolate to be over the legal blood alcohol limit. To get quite drunk, most would need to eat close to two kilograms. Anyone silly enough to eat that amount of chocolate just to get drunk deserves the hyperglycaemic coma that would likely ensue.

In cases as such, you might feel more comfortable giving your older child rum cake, without harm. In these Quora threads, these mothers are sticking to the age of 5-6 years-old to be old ‘enough’ to partake in alcoholic foods that are baked or cooked.

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How to make cake pops with alcohol?

These are liquor infused cake balls/pops covered in chocolate. Enjoy!! About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features

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What alcohol goes good with sundrop cake?

“Good pairings allow the wine and food to complement each other without overpowering or clashing the other.” She also claims that the most vital thing to do when picking a beverage to go with your cake is to make sure the type of alcohol you are drinking is as sweet as the cake its self.

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What alcohol goes well with coffee cake?

Amelia's Alcohol & Cake pairing suggestions: Coffee Cake & Sherry; Red Velvet Cake & Rose Wine; Swiss Roll & Dessert Wine; Ginger Layer Cake & Gin; Salted Caramel & Brown Beer; Chocolate Brownie & Sparkling Wine; Jam Doughnuts & Fruit Beer; What type of alcohol do you enjoy with dessert?

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Is cooking with alcohol safe for kids?

"The only way to be 100 percent safe is to avoid cooking [food for children] with alcohol," says Dr. Is Grenadine an alcoholic? Grenadine is a commonly used …

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What alcohol goes with plums for kids?

Plum Vodka & Plum Gin. I’ve been looking out for sloes all season with the anticipation of turning out a batch of Sloe Gin, but just haven’t discovered any. What I do have in bucket loads are plums (- when we moved into the house we must have taken down 2 dozen self-set plum trees and left the 2 most mature), and every season we spend a huge amount of effort raking up the fallen plums ...

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How long does it take to detox from alcohol binge with kids?

For people with mild or moderate alcoholism, detox generally begins within eight hours after the last drink and typically lasts between five and seven days. For those with severe alcoholism, withdrawal symptoms may not subside for two weeks or more. Addiction Alcohol Rehab How Long Does Detox Take. Topics on this Page.

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Question: how to extract alcohol from rum cake?

Rum liquor can be substituted for rum extract, however there is a difference in the amount required for both dark and light rum. As a general rule, for recipes requiring 1 teaspoon of rum extract , use 3 tablespoons of rum or season to taste.

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How would you separate water from ethyl alcohol?

To separate a mixture of alcohol (ethanol) and water, you can use a process known as fractional distillation. This technique relies on the fact that the compounds in the mixture have different boiling points. Since ethanol boils at a lower temperature (78.5 degrees Celsius, or 173.3 degrees Fahrenheit) than water, the alcohol vaporizes while most of the water remains a liquid. A good distillation column will produce a mixture of 95 percent alcohol and 5 percent water. This ratio ...

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What would someone dying from alcohol poisoning experience?

Death by respiratory failure from alcohol poisoning is most common and peaceful, usually while asleep or passed out. You just stop breathing due to CNS depression Unless you choke on vomit, which is much messier.

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How to feed a christmas cake with alcohol?

How to feed a Christmas cake Poke holes in your just-cooked cake with a skewer and spoon over 2 tbsp alcohol until it has all soaked in. Leave the cake to cool completely in the tin. Peel off the baking parchment, then wrap well in a clean sheet of baking parchment followed by a sheet of foil or a wax wrap.

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How to infuse cake with alcohol at home?

While it cools, make a syrup of the alcohol you want to use. You can do a quick search for this online, but it's typically 1:1 ratio of booze:granulated sugar. You put your desired booze (bourbon goes well with chocolate, triple sec with citrus or pound cakes, etc) into a saucepan with sugar over medium high heat and whisk until the sugar ...

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How to infuse fruit cake with alcohol recipes?

The brandy cake was a bit more compact than the other three cakes but it still had a nice crumb and consistency (liquor cake words). All of the alcohol cakes had a unique and pleasant flavor and none of them seemed overly boozy. This year forget the fruit cake but keep the alcohol to liven up your layer cakes.

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How to infuse fruit cake with alcohol vinegar?

It is important to thoroughly line your tin to avoid any possible leakage while encouraging the liquor to infuse into the fruitcake. Step 2 Evenly pour 1.5 - 2 ounces of your favorite bourbon, rum, brandy, or cognac, over the fruitcake.

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How to infuse fruit cake with alcohol without?

Line the empty tin’s base and walls with plastic wrap. Using a skewer, poke small holes 1” deep across the entire surface of the cake. Place your fruitcake back inside the plastic wrap-lined tin. It is important to thoroughly line your tin to avoid any possible leakage while encouraging the liquor to infuse into the fruitcake. Step 2

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What alcohol do you mix with coffee cake?

Nutty liqueurs add a wonderful nuance to coffee, and amaretto is an ideal start to that tasting experience. Amaretto's sweet almond flavor with a hint of bitterness is particularly well suited in hot coffee if you enjoy it on the lighter side, whether that's a light roast or a weaker brew.

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What alcohol goes with hot chocolate for cake?

Pretty much any flavored vodka works with hot cocoa: vanilla vodka, whipped cream vodka, cake vodka. Marshmallow vodka is no different. You can follow Pinnacle's proportions for the perfect...

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Taste - what alcohol would go good with tea?

That would just be a personal preference. I wouldn’t mix any alcohol with any tea, and I’d just as inclined to vary the tea as the alcohol if I did consider it. I’m familiar with a good reference article on this subject, which is why I’m answering...

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Would happen if you drink alcohol with urine?

If you get caught.. A room with padded walls.

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Can experimenting with alcohol be dangerous to kids?

Although most children under age 14 have not yet begun to drink, early adolescence is a time of special risk for beginning to experiment with alcohol. While some parents and guardians may feel relieved that their teen is “only” drinking, it is important to remember that alcohol is a powerful, mood-altering drug.

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Can you drink alcohol with dayquil for kids?

While mixing alcohol and Dayquil is not advised; you could have a drink after 4-6 hours from your last Dayquil medication dosage. However, a single drink of alcohol can last in the body for 3 hours. So it’s not advised to take additional Dayquil after having alcohol.

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Cooking for young kids - with alcohol or without?

Cooking with wine presents a conundrum for parents, whose instinct is to never let a child consume wine or other alcoholic beverages. Many recipes call for cooking wine, which enhances the flavor of sauces and gravies. Wine is also used in marinades, as a basting liquid and to deglaze a pan.

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Legal for kids to drink alcohol with parents?

Many of these laws hold parents responsible for serving or furnishing alcohol to minors and any alcohol-related injuries that result from it. Parents in California and other states with strict rules on underage drinking have been arrested for drunken teen parties. Hey, New York parents: it's happened to your people, too.

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What alcohol goes good with lemonade for kids?

For his herbaceous take on the lemony refresher, Humphries spiked lemonade with two flavor bombs: “We use a combination of the off-dry and herbaceous Cardamaro and London dry gin,” he says. “The sweeter amaro and the overall tartness of the citrus come together for a really refreshing drink."

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What alcohol goes with ginger ale for kids?

This cream soda cocktail drink is tasty and refreshing. If you use a diet ginger ale, then this drink could be low in calories. Here are the ingredients: 1 1/2 parts vanilla vodka; 5 parts ginger ale; In a chilled tall glass of your choice, pour the vanilla vodka and ginger ale. Stir, serve and enjoy. Ginger ale is responsible for the taste of this drink. If you want to make it sweeter, then add more.

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What alcohol goes with hot chocolate for kids?

If you're wondering what alcohol goes best with hot chocolate, you're in luck because there are quite a few. Amidst the springtime mimosas, the pool-side White Claws, and the autumnal pumpkin ...

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