Wine pairing with carbonara?

Edgardo Koepp asked a question: Wine pairing with carbonara?
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A Gewürztraminer or a Muller Thurgau from Alto Adige should be considered in the Carbonara di Mare wine pairing. But consider also a Riesling or a Chardonnay in the wine and Carbonara di Pesce pairing. A Carricante from Etna should also be considered in the pairing of wine and fish carbonara.


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  • Arctic Char with Sauvignon Blanc Rich arctic char can handle pungent, herbaceous, garlicky sauces. Try this recipe for arctic char with charmoula (a classic North African sauce packed with herbs and spices) with a citrusy New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc like the 2013 Dog Point.

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As its name suggests, butternut squash has a buttery quality. Combined with its brown-sugar sweetness, it's reminiscent of butterscotch. Well-toasted American oak can impart this flavor, so look for an oak-aged Chardonnay, preferably from the U.S. Its rich tones of butter and caramel are offset by bright citrus notes.

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Rosé wines can also pair well, especially those from Abruzzo and Lake Garda, but be careful with reds, and avoid anything that is too tannic. Here are 10 of our top choices for your next spaghetti alla carbonara meal: Spumanti Metodo Classico Pinot Nero Brut 64 2014 – Calatroni

THE 5 RULES OF PAIRING CARBONARA AND WINE: 1) Carbonara wine pairing by structure Which wine with Carbonara? When we talk about the Carbonara Wine pairing we enter... 2) Carbonara wine pairing for sweet pasta and egg yolk trend Among the ingredients of Carbonara there is Pasta which,... 3) Carbonara ...

No no no real Carbonara is not garlic and parsley and with Guanciale (Pig cheek) beacon can be an alternative if you can’t found guanciale. And you can pairing as well with a sparkling Prosecco Or cava or America Brut as well Champagne. Fiona Beckett on September 24 2019 at 08:351569310541

Wines that Pair Well with Carbonara Chianti Classico. A fresh and youthful Italian Chianti from Tuscany is one of the best options not only for carbonara... Montepulciano. A robust and rustic Montepulciano, known for its rich aromas and flavors, is another great pairing option... Gavi. Gavi or Gavi ...

Wine Pairing. However what do you serve with Spaghetti Carbonara? Look no further than Italy. Pinot Grigio and Gavi would be the idea partner. However if you absolutely had to have a red, we’d suggest going for a fresh Montepulciano. We’ve picked a couple of wines from our range that would match any Carbonara and complete a perfect Italian evening.

Therefore, you should pair carbonara with a wine that contains moderate acidity, pronounced intensity, and lingering persistence. A certain softness to the alcohol content is necessary, even for sparkling wines. The "safest" consort to carbonara is a white wine, perhaps from central Italy, to correspond with the geographical origin of the dish.

IntoWine asked experts for their favorite wine pairing to complement the subtle flavors and heavy texture of pasta alla carbonara: Carbonara Sauce is a butter cream sauce with a bit of pork product. For this type of dish, I usually recommend a red wine with good acidity.

In essence, the main qualities of carbonara to be kept in mind for pairing purposes are latent sweetness, fatness, tastiness and a little greasiness – so ideally your wine should have the corresponding characteristics of good acidity, minerality (or effervescence), some smoothness and decent ABV or gentle tannins.

For a dish such as spaghetti carbonara, so rich and creamy, finding a proper wine pairing is not so easy. On one hand, an egg-based sauce might suggest aromatic and white. On the other, pork fat… Quite the conundrum, isn’t it?

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  • For wine pairings, focus on the food’s main components of salt, fat, and acid. Salt in food will soften wine’s harder elements, like bitter tannins or sharp acidity. At same time, it will enhance the perception of body on the palate.
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Wine pairing: Try an earthy red Côtes du Rhône or non-classified Bordeaux, which go well with this almost-braised style of cooking beef and vegetables. Although some may immediately think of chocolate when they hear fondue, fondue-as-dessert actually didn't originate until the 1960s.

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  • Washington Cabernet Sauvignon blends.
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Smoked Salmon or Trout with Wine. Richly smoked fishes are a little drier and need wine pairings that quench them. Garnacha rosé, Vintage Champagne, Rosé Sparkling Wines, Dry Riesling, Dry Furmint (Tokaji) and White Pinot Noir will pair well. Raw Fish with Wine

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