Why does drinking wine make you hot?

Immanuel Schmitt asked a question: Why does drinking wine make you hot?
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  • Why red wine: All alcoholic beverages cause some vasodilation , or expansion of blood vessels, which makes you feel warmer, Dr. Gass says. That’s when your skin flushes, or a full-blown hot flash occurs. “Hot flash triggers differ from person to person, but drinking alcohol, especially red wine, is a common one,” Dr. Gass explains.

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There’s nothing quite like a glass of red wine on a cold winter day to warm you up and add a little spice to the season. The warming effect of red wine is more than just a psychological trigger brought on by the thoughts of roaring fires and romance that are often associated with the dark fermented grape; it is one of the body’s natural reactions ...

The coloring in red wine comes from grape skins, which contain chemicals that contribute to flushing" This doesn't mean you have rosacea, of course. It just means that red wine has been identified as something that makes people get red in the face and overheat. posted by bobot at 7:48 AM on January 5, 2006

Turns out, ellagic acid is not chemically present in 99.9% wine. However, it does transfer into wine in the form of ellagitannin from oak barrels! The longer the exposure to oak, the more ellagic acid is dissolved into wine. So basically, drinking a glass of well-oaked wine may help reduce the affect fatty-liver has on health problems (like obesity).

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