Why did california ban denatured alcohol?

Wilma Bogan asked a question: Why did california ban denatured alcohol?
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That's the main reason it is sold in home centers and paint stores. It was banned because essentially all the alcohol ends up evaporating while there are low-VOC solvents and solutions that can do the same tasks with far less emissions.

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btw, the federal mandate that California reduce VOC emissions did not specify which sources of VOCs should be controlled. Denatured alcohol was put on the list because industry and stakeholders decided that it would be less disruptive and less expensive to eliminate than some of the other candidates.

California Banned Denatured Alcohol. Got back from Home Depot today to find out that California has banned the sale of denatured alcohol. The weird thing is that when I do a Google search there's not to much to info explaining why. We use this regularly to thin Thermak.

Well, it appears that the "rumor" that CA had banned Denatured Alcohol, are true. The California Air Resources Board, or CARB, has definitely banned Methylated Spirits, and all other Denatured Alcohol fuels!! Looks like the did after a big "teleconference", this past June!! The California Air Resources Board Is Considering Further Reductions in Consumer Products’ VOC Content to Reduce California’s Emissions Under the California Clean Air Act - Bick Law LLP Note the list of other things ...

Denatured alcohol is grain alcohol (ethanol) with added methanol, also known as wood alcohol. It is called denatured because a poison has been added to the drinkable ethanol for tax reasons. Isopropyl alcohol, also known as rubbing alcohol, is not a drinkable alcohol.

I have always supported California’s environmental standards but I’m having a hard time with this one. Supposedly banned because of VOC’s, but what we use instead – butane, propane, white gas, kerosene, etc. – are full of VOC’s too and no one’s banning them. Double damn!

The following is in response to the denatured alcohol ban that took effect on Jan. 1, 2019 in the California. This letter has been sent to the California Air Resources Board. This ban, which is...

Just don't be like California and also ban sales of unadulterated, 190 proof alcohol. I'm guessing the reason camping stove alcohol is still legal in CA is because the denaturant they use to render it undrinkable isn't toxic. In our locale, I don't worry about such trivialities.

Boston whaler Outrage 17,Maycraft 1900. Jun 1, 2019. #1. Hello everyone I’ve been informed that denatured alcohol has been banned in CA I just ran out and came to my local Home Depot and they had zero!

I googled "California bans denatured alcohol" and nothing shows up. I can't imagine that the state could pass a law or rule like that without announcing it to the public. Denatured alcohol is just 200 proof vodka. Why would they ban denatured alcohol and do nothing about acetone, lacquer thinner etc. which are much stronger solvents.

Of course they haven't banned drinking alcohol. Because they all sound drunk making these brain dead feel good laws . Like denatured alcohol for someones stove is the bane of man

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