Who drinks wine demographics?

Lawrence Quitzon asked a question: Who drinks wine demographics?
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Some 28% of regular wine drinkers aged 21-34 have a high involvement in the category, compared to only 17% of those aged 55 or over. Younger people also spend significantly more than older consumers across the majority of both on and off-premise occasions.

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Demographics (age/generation, income, race/ethnicity, gender, education and income level, and similar) can help winery and tasting room owners understand “who” their customers are, while behaviors relate to likelihood of using a product (e.g. consumers who drink wine, consumers who purchase wine produced in certain regions) and level of usage (super core, core, and marginal wine consumers), and psychographics (attitudes) describe how consumers “feel” about wine.

A full 27% of potential wine drinkers will be 65 or older, compared to 21% today. Nearly three-quarters of the 65+ population will be white, but the young adult segment will be split evenly between Whites and racial-ethnic minorities – one in four will be Hispanic.

This could spell trouble down the road for the premium wine market. Millennials aren’t spending big money on wine, and overall they still prefer beer. Finally, according to Gallup the percentage of Boomers (defined by Gallup as 30 – 49 years of age) who prefer wine over beer actually decreased over the past 20 years, from 31 percent to 29 percent. Among this demographic hard liquor was the bigger gainer, increasing 7 percent.

Its residents are older and tend to eat together in large groups while the consumption of Communion wine is standard practice for a large proportion of them. Andorra, another small European nation,...

As I was searching the web for different wine festivals, I stumbled across some demographic information about those festivals. In particular, I found the demographic data for the Boston Wine Expo as well as the Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival. It would be good to point out that the type of people that go to wine festivals are a small subset of all the wine drinkers out there.

Published by Jan Conway, May 5, 2020 According to a survey conducted in the United States in 2020, the share of adults who reported drinking wine once a week to twice a month increased from around...

Despite varying levels of wine knowledge, 50 percent of the sample said they drink wine several times per week or daily—making them “High Frequency” wine drinkers, according to Wine Market Council. Consumers who reported drinking wine once a week accounted for 17 percent, with the remaining 33 percent consuming wine less often.

In fact, 2015 was an important year for millennials in this survey, as the last millennial reached drinking age in July of 2015. Not only do millennials lead the pack on wine consumption with a whopping 3.1 glasses of wine in a sitting on average, but they also score higher in another portion of the survey as well. Millennials Have More Varied Tastes

It was found that 31 percent of consumers in the U.S. who drink wine at least once a week are millennials between the ages of 21 and 40. With these stats you might automatically think you should be focusing on millennials. Not so fast. 39 percent for ages 40-54, and 43 percent for ages 55 and up of alcohol consumption is attributed to wine.

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