Who drinks snake wine?

Euna Kling asked a question: Who drinks snake wine?
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Made from venomous snakes and alcoholic rice wine, Chinese snake wine has has been consumed since the Western Zhou dynasty (1046-771 BC) and is traditionally thought of as a medicinal liquor. Sought after only by the most adventuresome visitors, snake wine is something even most locals have never tried.

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In Vietnam, the common regional name for snake wines is rượu thuốc, while less common ones are referred to as rượu rắn. In Vietnamese culture it is believed by some individuals that snake wine can improve health and virility. A similar drink is made with dehydrated geckos or sea horses rather than snakes.

Snake wine is usually found in markets and traditional snake restaurants, and is usually served on its own in casual contexts, rather than as an accompaniment to a meal. In Hong Kong, snake wine can be found at traditional snake restaurants, known as se wong, such as She Wong Lam in Sheung Wan or Sher Wong Fun in Central.

Some sellers will bottle the snake wine in front of you. In Taipei, Japan, visitors to the Huaxi Street Tourist Night Market, colloquially known as “Snake Valley,” can get a fresh bottle of snake wine, made to order. Hawkers have been known to gather live snakes and keep them for tourists.

Some brands of habushu come with the snake still inside the bottle which is mixed with honey and herbs. There are two methods of inserting the snake into the alcohol. The maker may choose to simply submerge the snake in the alcohol and seal the bottle, thus drowning the snake.

Snake wine is one of the weirdest drinks. Snake wine is very popular at the liquor stores in Asia. Inside this wine, the snakes get pickled, and they leave their unique flavor in the wine. There are some rare cases where the snakes are still alive after opening the wine bottles, and they attacked people. Smoker’s cough (Mayonnaise+ Jagermeister)

Kim Jong-un necks snake wine for virility 24 November 2014 By Lucy Shaw North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has taken to necking copious bottles of snake wine in a bid to get his wife pregnant.

2. Snake Wine. Snake wine is pretty much what it sounds like: rice wine that has a snake in it. This traditional drink has been consumed in China for millennia, and can still be found there, as well as in certain areas of India and Southeast Asia. It was once consumed as medicine, with the snake venom thought to have beneficial effects for the drinker.

Chinese Snake Wine - the Mysterious Ancient Chinese Remedy. Snake wine, that is, strong wine soaked with snakes, is a kind of wine which has a long history of treating diseases in China. Modern pharmacology also proves that snake wine has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and sedative effects.

Liu, who received treatment at a local hospital for inflammation, had bought the snake wine to try and cure her rheumatism.

Snake wine is believed to have medicinal properties. It is therefore drunk by folks in rural communities. However, you can get a taste of snake wine in urban areas of Taipei, in Taiwan and several parts of South-East Asia. What if you were offered two million Naira to drink snake wine, would you take the offer? 2. SEAGULL WINE

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