What's the best way to bottle a bottle of wine?

Benny Padberg asked a question: What's the best way to bottle a bottle of wine?
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  • Now place the bottle filler into your first bottle, and depress it on the bottom of the bottle, then start your siphon. Note: While some winemakers transfer their wine into a bottling bucket before bottling, Midwest recommends against this, as this may expose your wine to oxidation and may also stir up some of the sediment.

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When opening a bottle of wine, the spindle of the opener should not go all the way through the cork, or else an airway can form in the cork, allowing oxygen into the bottle. Place the bottle on a sturdy surface. Angle the cork so one end is in the bottle and the other is resting on the lip. Simultaneously twist and press down on the cork.

If the bottle isn't as cool as you wanted when you are ready to open it, just let it sit a few minutes in a bucket filled with ice and water for a superfast cool down. —Dr. Vinny. Ask Dr. Vinny Serving Wine.

Make sure your bottle is clean. Any dirt or grit on the bottle will mess with the cutter. 2. Use your glass cutter to make a light, even score all the way around the bottle.

To use the vacuum wine saver, place the vacuum wine stopper in the opening of the wine bottle. This will pump out the air and create a vacuum inside the wine bottle, thereby halting the oxidation process or reducing the rate of oxidation. There are also inert gas wine preservers. In this case, inert gas is pumped into the open wine bottle. The inert gas is heavier than air, so it successfully replaces the air inside the bottle and “blankets” the wine.

The Absolute Best Way to Chill Wine: Spin the Bottle, in a Salted Ice Bath While the bottles of wine that I popped in the freezer took an hour or more to reach the target serving temperature, the bottle chilled in a salted, agitated ice bath was ready to drink in less than five minutes.

Purchase, label and attach tags to bottles Placing tags on the neck of each bottle with the type of wine, the vintage and the name of the winery will help you find a specific bottle of vintage without disturbing any of the bottles at rest.

Glitter Bottle Method This just might be the easiest yet most glamorous way to gift a bottle of wine. All you need is mod podge and Christmas-themed glitter. Simply brush the glue onto the bottom portion of the bottle (as far up as you’d like but maybe not cover up the whole bottle).

Pad your bottle with pillows or cushions and make sure it’s secure. Pick a part of your car that is most stable, both in terms of temperature and movement—away from wheel wells, and not in the trunk or a truck bed.

If you’d never seen them, the most basic models are small, light-weight plastic that fits in the palm of your hand. They tend to have multiple round blades, so when you grip it to the neck of your wine bottle and rotate it around, the top of the foil typically comes off in a crisp circle. —Dr. Vinny.

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