What's the best theme for a wine cellar?

Brandi Hauck asked a question: What's the best theme for a wine cellar?
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  • Styles and Themes 1 A. Rustic. One of the most popular themes is a rustic style… 2 B. Modern. Rising in popularity is the Modern theme for wine cellars. It is easy to see why… 3 C. Stone and Tile. The use of stone and tile accents in wine cellars is an eye-pleasing aesthetic look…

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Thelma is a clean, neat, striking winery WordPress theme with a particular focus on animation. The theme packs some quite dynamic, modern solutions. One example are the animated buttons, with a cool strike-through animated effect. It’s a simple, yet a very powerful solution.

Best Budget Bottles to Begin Your Wine Cellar Château Saransot-Dupré 2016 Listrac-Médoc; $22, 92 points. Rich and juicy, this wine, from one of the top estates in Listrac, has good aging potential.

If you need a theme for a winery, wine bar, or online wine store, you’ve come to the right place. Below you’ll find the finest WordPress themes for wineries and vineyards. They have elegant designs, online stores, and event calendars for promoting wine festivals and ...

Our Top Picks for 10 Best Basement Wine Cellars. At the end of a long workday, even if you’re working from home, it’s nice to head down to the wine cellar and open a bottle from your collection. That collection can be 1,000+ or a dozen. It’s whatever fits you, your home, and your budget. A basement is a perfect place for your wine cellar.

Wine apartment has in house cellar wine cellar design installation in installing a wine cellar cooling unit wine cellar type cooled or pive A By For Building Wine Cellar In Your Basement Rosehill StoragePride Of Place Where Do You Your Wines Decanter China ...

If you thought the wine cellar did not need reinventing, you were wrong, or at least in disagreement with Revel founder James Cash, who has a day job as COO of Michigan-based Christman Capital ...

One of the more popular wine cellar decorating ideas is to focus on the walls. Walls can be decorated with artwork and murals, etched mirrors, painted tile, mosaics, custom trim, and stained glass. Paint colors can also set the tone for your wine cellar. Regardless of your design direction, choose deep or dark colors for the walls.

Simple wine cellar with universal storing racks throughout and elevated tasting table in the center topped with velvet blue green cloth. This is a simple design that you could implement in any spare part of your basement. Wine cellar with massive brick design. What’s notable here are the storing cases that display the bottles.

The wine cellar can also be a place where you can meet up with friends to enjoy each other’s company and your excellent wines. As such, it is a place that deserves to be decorated on a grand scale. These seven ideas are just the beginning.

Put some careful thought about the kind of theme you'd want for your wine cellar. Decide on this prior to construction. There will be more elements to consider as this is a bigger project compared to a medium-sized wine room. It's not just about the kind of racking ...

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