What wine goes with scallops and bacon?

Opal Beahan asked a question: What wine goes with scallops and bacon?
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But bacon wrapped scallops would be a better fit with a sparkling wine, a crisp Chardonnay or even a Sauvignon Blanc. If it's a bacon-wrapped filet, I'd go with a bolder red.

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With the scallops in mind, we tasted mostly white wines — including some pinot blanc and pinot gris wines considered slam-dunks for scallops. Out of curiosity, we threw in a couple of light reds....

On the palate, Chenin Blanc is known for its creamy texture and signature mineral notes, so you get all that goodness jazzed up by some fine bubbles and a sweetness balanced by a tart aftertaste. This sparkling wine is perfect with bacon-wrapped scallops or a bacon-centric brunch! (Photo: The Kitchy Kitchen)

Scallops with pancetta or chorizo Sometimes scallops are given more robust treatment and partnered with bacon, pancetta, chorizo or even black pudding. In that case you can drink a light red like a pinot noir or a Beaujolais.

The best 3 wines to pair with PAN SEARED SCALLOPS WITH BACON JAM AND TRUFFLE CORN PUREE RECIPES FOOD NETWORK CANADA are below. Enjoy any of these with confidence: 1) White: Californian Chardonnay. 2) White: Burgundy Chardonnay. 3) Red: Chilean Merlot. How we paired them…

But bacon wrapped scallops would be a better fit with a sparkling wine, a crisp Chardonnay or even a Sauvignon Blanc. If it’s a bacon-wrapped filet, I’d go with a bolder red. —Dr. Vinny

Like most shellfish, they go exceptionally well with whites and sparkling wines. (Even a light Chardonnay works well since scallops have a creamy texture. If you’re making scallops in a cream sauce, definitely try a Chardonnay to pair!) Scallops can also stand up to a few heavier flavors like bacon or raspberry glaze.

Pinot noir is an unusual choice for scallops. Even though the wine is on the light side, its high acidity means that it often wouldn’t be your first choice. However, the wine can be ideal with richer meals that rely on scallops. A simple example is sauteed bacon wrapped scallops.

Styles to try when pairing wine with scallops: Scallop ceviche or raw: Riesling, Albarino, Chablis, Vermentino. Seared scallops: Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay (with some oak), Alsace Pinot Gris. Baked scallops: Champagne (Chardonnay-dominant), Marsanne. Reds: Trousseau, Beaujolais, red Sancerre.

Grilled or Seared Scallops. Putting scallops on the grill is the perfect way to enhance their natural sweetness. This makes them a great match with a light chardonnay. You can also complement the sweetness of the scallops with another sweet wine, like white Burgundy or champagne.

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