What wine goes with lamb?

Ana Roob asked a question: What wine goes with lamb?
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  • Cabernet Sauvignon is a go-to wine for many lamb dishes. Try a spicy and rich Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon with a marinated leg of lamb. Barbera . Pair a Washington Barbera with a traditional rosemary roasted rack of lamb and smashed red potatoes.

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The best wine matches with lamb tend to be with red wine, however, a white wine with some guts and high acidity will also pair with lamb. There are options for red and white wine with lamb below. Keep reading!

It’s true that lamb is one of the most wine-friendly of meats, as at home with red Bordeaux and Rioja as it is with the fruitier wines of the new world. But if you’re looking for a spot-on wine pairing it’s worth thinking just how - and for how long - you’re going to cook it.

The perfect prescription for beating the winter blues is a bowl of homemade lamb stew and a glass of red wine…ideally by the fireplace. A rich and hearty stew full of chunks of lamb, potatoes, and fall vegetables.

A great pairing with lamb chops is the superb wine of Lebanon, Château Musar. It’s a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cinsault, often containing some Syrah and Carignan too. With a few years of bottle age it develops herbal, tobacco and mushroom flavors that pair very nicely with lamb chops.

Red Wine of California - Central Valley - Lodi - Cabernet Sauvignon; Red Wine of California - Napa Valley - Cabernet Sauvignon; Red Wine of California - Sonoma - Knights Valley - Cabernet Sauvignon; Red Wine of Australia - South Eastern - Cabernet Sauvignon; Red Wine of Australia - South Eastern - Coonawarra - Cabernet Sauvignon

Almost any red wine will pair well with lamb..

The absolute best pairings for lamb are found in red wines, including a rich cabernet sauvignon, a classic Bordeaux, and Chianti. White wine lovers are not shut out here, though. White wine lovers are not shut out here, though.

Pink, tender lamb and a top rosé Champagne is something everyone must try once. Cabernet Sauvignon wine with lamb roast – medium to well done. This is a classic. The meat will be richer in flavour and not quite as tender, so a roast like this can handle a fuller-bodied red wine. Bordeaux blends are made for roast lamb. The young Cabernet Sauvignon-dominant wines of the Bordeaux Left Bank are brimming with cassis fruit, backed by a splattering of spiciness and – in the best versions ...

Generally, robust red wines go well with lamb's lightly gamey taste, but in some cases these may overpower the meat and ruin your meal. The best wine and lamb pairings depend on the lamb's cut and how you're cooking it. Decide first how you're serving your lamb, and pair your wine accordingly. Wine Pairings for Young or Spring Lamb

We have some great suggestions for wine pairings with lamb that will highlight its unique flavors. Lamb is a delicate meat, and so it usually pairs well with a lighter red wine . Beaujolais, Pinot Noir, Côtes du Rhône, and young Rioja are all great choices.

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