What wine goes best with duck cassoulet?

German Bins asked a question: What wine goes best with duck cassoulet?
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  • Marcillac. Probably my favourite choice, a delicious bright fruity red made from Mansois, the local name for Fer Servadou.
  • Madiran…
  • Cahors (and other malbecs) ...
  • Hearty Languedoc reds such as Minervois and Corbières…
  • Côtes du Roussillon…
  • Côtes du Rhône Villages.

Cassoulet pairs best with savoury medium-bodied red wines with ample tannin and crisp acidity such as Cahors, Syrah, Bandol, Irouléguy, Côte-Rôtie and Corbières.

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Best Wine to Pair with Goose or Duck Confit Cassoulet (French White Bean Stew from South West Region): Red Wine of Australia - South Eastern - Clare Valley - Shiraz (Syrah) Red Wine of Australia - South Eastern - Coonawarra - Shiraz (Syrah)

This young, Daumas Gassac is a potently tannic wine: Ideal for cassoulet, but even so, decant it for an hour or two beforehand.

Here are a few great wine style choices with your roast duck: Pinot Noir; Gamay (like a Beaujolais) Tempranillo (like a good Rioja wine) Barbera; Sangiovese (such as a Chianti Classico) A cool-climate Cabernet Sauvignon like a Bordeaux.

In Washington, D.C., Bistrot Lepic and Wine Bar serves up a classic and wonderfully heart-warming cassoulet with duck confit, lamb, Toulouse garlic sausage, cannellini beans and tomato, accented...

Prepared an ultra-traditional cassoulet (pork shoulder and shank, duck confit, Toulouse sausages, tarbais beans) for a crowd this winter and opened a wide range of southwest wines to go with it. All were good. The most popular was a somewhat austere 1995 Canon-Fronsac (Château Grand Renouil, 100% Merlot).

Hearty Languedoc reds such as Minervois and Corbières. Kate Hill, author of Cassoulet, A French Obsession who is running a series of Camp Cassoulet events round the world recommends a biodynamic Coteaux du Languedoc called Far Ouest made by biodynamic wine producer Mylene Bru.

It might seem like a light wine for a heavy dish like Cassoulet, but actually sparkling wine is a fantastic accompaniment to anything that’s on the richer or fattier side. Benjamin Taillandier ...

What wine goes with duck L orange? One of the best types of wine with duck a l’orange is Gewurztraminer, an aromatic, full-bodied white. The fruit flavours of the sauce will be complemented perfectly by the softer, richly-bouqueted wine. What wine goes best with duck cassoulet? Six of the best wine pairings with cassoulet. Marcillac.

Organically farmed on an estate that sits about one hour east of the cassoulet birthplace, Castelnaudary. La Liviniere is considered to be a cru Languedoc wine and enjoys its own appellation...

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