What white wine is best with pasta?

Shana Jaskolski asked a question: What white wine is best with pasta?
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Pastas served with creamy sauces such as alfredo, pair excellently with light bodied white wines. Think Chardonnay or Chardonnay blends. Light or Olive oil based pasta dishes like Agelio e Olio and Spaghetti Carbonara are well balanced with crisp dry white wines like Sauvignon Blanc.

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To think you need another white wine would be overkill. The Pianetta Sangiovese ($26) has the acidity, the light notes of cherry and raspberry to transcend regular pasta and bring a depth to it. Aged in French, American and Russian oak, this 100 percent sangiovese is subtle and ripe, simple and uncomplicated, perfect to cut through a sauce, and, as an Italian varietal, the best choice for pasta to begin with. - Michael Cervin, Wine Judge, Restaurant Critic, and IntoWine Featured ...

Best wine to serve with seafood pasta – vinho verde from Portugal (white) With its bright, clean, almost saline flavours, this northern Portuguese wine complements the freshness of good seafood . Expect lemons and apple blossom from this tangy, low-alcohol white wine.

America’s number 1 white wine variety, Chardonnay is the most consumed variety in the world. This world-famous wine pairs well with pasta dishes prepared with creamy sauces. In fact, this wine complements cream-based pastas better than any other pasta variety.

What wine goes with pasta with pesto sauce? Liguria predominantly produces white wine. An herbacious white wine is the best match with pesto sauce. Check out a Vermentino which is the dominant white grape of Liguria. Otherwise a Gruner Veltliner has a great peppery finish which will pair nicely.

Also, lighter more floral red wines are another awesome pairing partner with tart, intense hard-cheese pasta, especially if there are mushrooms or root vegetables involved in the sauce. Here are a few options to try: White: Trebbiano di Lugana, Sicilian Chardonnay, Ribolla Gialla,

Light-bodied white wines with lemony, herbal, or floral notes are a great choice as are savory, fuller bodied whites if you’re cooking with heartier, root vegetables. If you add tomatoes to your pasta primavera, it will also change your pairings – see the top tomato-based wine section. Here are a few wine pairings to get started:

Full-bodied whites offer a robust creaminess with the slightest hint of tartness that’s perfect for pairing with creamy pasta. Look for oak-aged whites, which gives the wine a buttery feel that’s delightful with cheese or cream-based sauces! Light-bodied red wines also pair well with creamy pasta.

If you’re into rosé wine, you can drink an Italian Rosato with pasta Carbonara. Wines from the Abruzzo region are great matches. Wine with Pasta Alfredo Like Carbonara, Alfredo sauce is a white pasta sauce. Alfredo de Lelio, a restaurant owner from Rome, created it in the 1910s as a light alternative to tomato sauces.

Pasta & Pork Bolognese. The best wine of choice for this dish would be a Merlot, Sangiovese or classic Italian Chianti, which are characterized by fruity notes of cherry followed by delicate spicy notes of black pepper; they can have full, harmonious, dry, sapid flavors, slightly tannic.

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