What white wine goes well with goose?

Anastasia West asked a question: What white wine goes well with goose?
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If white is called for by the table then you might like to consider a medium-sweet wine from Alsace or Germany; a Riesling Spätlese perhaps. The naturally high acidity of these wines, along with a touch of sweetness, will cut through and complement the fattiness of the meat perfectly.

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A recent survey suggested that as many as 76 percent of families in the UK sit down to turkey on 25 th December and there are many excellent wines to match with this popular choice: a mature Claret will have the softness of tannin to flatter the bird and a decent white Burgundy, for those who prefer white wine with their white meat, will fare well because its inherent roundness and medium body reflect the gentle character of the meat.

With all different flavours and textures on a cheeseboard, one style of wine is unlikely to suit all. Often white wines are an easier match – a creamy, barrel-aged Chenin or Chardonnay suits Brie or Cheddar, while an elegant Sauvignon is invariably delicious with goat's cheese.

That’s because the tannins react with the protein in such meats to compliment the flavor of both wine and meat alike. This truly is a match made in Heaven. But don’t stop at just lamb and beef. Try dark-meat foul such as duck or even goose. Venison also works very well with Bordeaux, as does bison (American “buffalo”).

Goose is a richer, gamier, fattier meat than turkey so calls for a wine with a marked degree of acidity - white as well as red. Beer can work well too Fiona Beckett | Matching food & wine

Here are some wine options to consider if you’re planning to opt for duck or goose this Christmas, drawing on previous advice published on Decanter.com and recommendations from Decanter experts. A few styles to consider for wine with duck or goose this Christmas. Pinot Noir Gamay; Barbera; Rosé Champagne Riesling; Pinot Gris

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Wine Pairings for Duck, Goose and Game Birds. Roast duck has a classic partner at the dining table – Pinot Noir (and traditionally a Burgundy) offers the red berry/cherry fruit that matches many traditional sauces, and it has crisp acidity to cut through the fat of the duck. The above assumes that the duck is the boldest component in the dish.

With goose foie gras, you’ll generally want a light champagne, one that offers plenty of freshness. If you’re using duck foie gras, on the other hand, you can rely on a more robust type of champagne. And, as you can probably guess, other types of sparkling white wine can be appealing too. Prosecco is the most common alternative.

The richness of goose demands a good wine, such as a top red Burgundy. However, it is often served with sweet side dishes, in which case a sweetish German Riesling might be a good option. In the mid-range, you could try a California Pinot Noir, a good red Rhône or an Australian Shiraz. - Pairing Wine with Meat, Game and Poultry

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