What type of wine is chocovine?

Kian Kunde asked a question: What type of wine is chocovine?
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ChocoVine is a fine French Cabernet subtly combined with a rich dark chocolate from Holland, paired together to create a decadent, silky smooth drink. It can be served on the rocks or as the main ingredient to an array of sinful cocktails.

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Holland- ChocoVine subtly combines fine French Cabernet Sauvignon grapes with rich chocolate and cream from Holland. Paired together to create a decadent, silky smooth drink, ChocoVine can be served on the rocks or as the main ingredient to an array of sinful cocktails.

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Product Type: Flavored wines: Alternate Name: ChocoVine Original: Country: Holland: Product Location - Location-Appellation: Holland: Package Size: 750 ml. Wine/Spirit Brand: ChocoVine: Bottles per Case: 12: Vintage: NV: Bin Location: 0: Premier Pick: No: Wine Type: Fruit & Flavored Wines: Dollar Sale (Y/N) No: Reviews. Related Products. Barefoot Apple Fruitscato NV / 750 ml. $8.99. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Pulse! Rose Wine with Natural Grapefruit Flavor NV / 750 ml ...

While specific recipes vary, chocolate wine is normally made by combining dry wine with sweet red wine, or dry wine with sugar, and bitter to sweet chocolate. The original recipe published in the 1700s called for Sherry or Port, with unsweetened Baker’s chocolate, sugar, and a bit of rice flour.

The story of ChocoVine. The perfect combination of wine and chocolate A match made in heaven. ChocoVine was created to bring the perfect pairing of wine and chocolate to life as a means to lower the bitter flavor of red wine by adding the sweet taste of chocolate. Resulting in the finest blend of a full- bodied French Cabernet Sauvignon, subtly combined with rich chocolate. A match made in heaven! Today, there is a variety of flavors that suits all flavor profiles, from fruity, to mild and ...

January 11, 2013 In four short years, ChocoVine, a once-unknown wine blend, has grown 500% percent, shipping over half a million cases in 2011. This stratospheric growth comes from a surprising combination of two universal symbols of decadent living, chocolate and wine.

ChocoVine is available in 3 other flavours as well: ChocoVine Whipped Cream, ChocoVine Espresso, and ChocoVine Raspberry. ChocoVine has 14% alcohol content. This is a very addictive wine liqueur which I highly recommend to anyone who enjoys nibbling on decandent dark chocolate while sipping on a lovely red wine.

Enter ChocoVine: a divine blend of full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon wine and premium quality Dutch chocolate – the perfect accompaniment for a night with that special someone, solo or with a group of friends. And while ChocoVine is the ideal addition to any V-Day celebration, it’s truly perfect for sipping all year long. “ChocoVine was ...

ChocoVine for all sweethearts! ChocoVine is the perfect treat or gift for special moments together with your friends or family. Enjoy these quality moments of connecting with the ones you care for: sister, neighbor, colleague or best friend. They all deserve a ChocoVine from time to time! Treat yourself, treat others! ChocoVine, the perfect gift for your love ones. For best friends being always there For moms bringing kids to training with care. For wives running a three ring circus every ...

ChocoVine is such a wonderful blend of Dutch cocoa, brew of other ingredients, and sugar. ChocoVine is based in the Netherlands and it accounted for the two thirds of all chocolate wine sales. The part of ChocoVine’s growth builds on the novelty of designer flavor wine.

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