What type of wine is 14 hands?

Stephanie Swaniawski asked a question: What type of wine is 14 hands?
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classic Cabernet Sauvignon flavors of black cherries with subtle hints of baking spice dance across the palate, bolstered by fine, round tannins. Its medium bodied wine is soft in mouth feel.

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14 Hands celebrates the spirit of these wild horses, and the rich and unique history of Washington wines not only in our wines, but also in the vibrant colors and images on our popular varietal labels and our new Hot to Trot red and white blend wines.

14 Hands is inspired by the unbridled spirit of the wild horses that once freely roamed eastern Washington and the Columbia River Valley. Measuring a modest fourteen hands in height—a “hand” equivalent to the width of one’s palm—these tenacious horses would travel down from the hills every day to drink from the mighty Columbia River ...

14 Hands | Wild, Fruit-Forward Wines from Washington State Meet the New 14 Hands Bold, bright, and completely unbridled. There’s nothing tame about it.

14 Hands Hot To Trot Red Blend Review. For this review, help was enlisted from previous guests with discerning palates. We were two guys and one gal. In appearance, the 14 Hands Hot To Trot was a fairly dark plum to purple color. Little light shown through the wine. The wine was quite leggy with lots of slow moving, skinny legs inside the glass.

The inspiration for 14 Hands wines recalls a time when wild mustangs once freely roamed the hills of eastern Washington State. These small horses, measuring a scant 14 hands high - a “hand” being equivalent to a man’s palm width and how horses were measured then - would travel down from the hills every day to drink from the mighty Columbia River and graze upon the luscious waist high ...

The wine as always was great, well balanced and full of flavor. There is a reason if in a pinch this is my go to affordable house red at many restaurants now. My favorites of the tasting were the 14 hands reserve cab, and 14 hands Moscato. This was followed closely by the 14 hands cab, 14 hands reserve merlot, and 14 hands Riesling.

202. $14.99. Subtotal $80.96. Add 4 items to Cart. Customers who viewed 14 Hands Hot To Trot Red also viewed. Witching Hour Red Blend 750ml. 4.4 out of 5 stars. 675. $6.99.

Dry: 4 grams per liter. Medium dry: 4-12 grams of sugar per liter – or about 0.5 to 2 grams per glass. Sweet: More than 45 grams of sugar per liter – or about 6 grams per glass or more. Second, wine is actually only “heart healthy” if combined with physical activity.

The serving size can vary based on the wine type and alcohol content, but one serving of fortified wine is usually about 3 ounces (88 ml). Contains more alcohol Fortified wine has a much higher ...

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