What temperature do you brew wine?

Rhoda Doyle asked a question: What temperature do you brew wine?
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Desirable fermentation temperatures vary for red and white wines. Red wine fermentation temperatures are optimally between 68-86°F (20-30°C), while white wine fermentation temperatures are recommended at or below 59°F (15°C) (Reynolds et al. 2001).

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Typically, white wines are fermented slowly – over a couple of months at temperatures between 45 °F and 60 °F. The lower temperature is ideal for preserving the volatile aromas and fruity flavors associated with good white wine. Take the Sauvignon Blanc fermentation temperature for example.

Even though you suggested wine fermentation temperatures between 65°F. and 75°F., we recommend between 70°F. and 75°F. Once you get below 70°F. some wine yeast strains have a tendency of dragging out the fermentation.

White wine fermentation temperatures should be between 45 and 60 degrees F (7-16 degrees C). These lower temperatures help preserve fruitiness and volatile aromatics, characteristics more in line with a white wine. White wine fermentations take longer.

Good home winemaking involves careful temperature control — your wine wants to be warm sometimes (and generates a bit of heat itself during fermentation), but then things need to cool down, especially for storage. The following table shows some key temperature targets for making and storing wine in Fahrenheit (F) and Celsius (C):

Much of my homebrew wine making takes place during the English summer, when daytime temperatures of between 18C and 25C are not uncommon. Especially with the seasonal Elder flower, strawberry and peach.

The general temperature window for a red wine fermentation is around 75°F to 89°F. A wine fermented closer to the low end of this spectrum will be lighter in color, body, and tannin and will contain more fruity aromas while a warmer fermentation will yield bold flavors, rich color, and stronger tannin.

Perfect drinking temperature for Red Wines: 12˚C < 18˚C, White Wine: 8˚C < 12˚C, Champagne / Dessert Wine: 5˚C and 7˚C. Red Wine should be uncorked and decanted at least 30/60 minutes before serving.

The Right Temperature To Serve Every Type Of Wine The Wine Temperature Serving Guide. The reason we try to serve wine at their correct temperatures is because the... Sparkling Wine Should Be Served Ice Cold — 40 to 50 degrees. We like to put our bubbly in the freezer about an hour... White Wine And ...

The top of the range mentioned in your wine kit instruction set. Typically they list a range such as 65–75 °F (18–24 °C), so you want to shoot for 75 °F (24 °C) from pitching day to bottling day, to ensure you can get your kit finished in the correct time frame and properly clarified and degassed.

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Fermentation temp: why monitor it & how to control temperatures