What makes a good wine pairing with food?

Maymie Medhurst asked a question: What makes a good wine pairing with food?
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  • For wine pairings, focus on the food’s main components of salt, fat, and acid. Salt in food will soften wine’s harder elements, like bitter tannins or sharp acidity. At same time, it will enhance the perception of body on the palate.

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Food and Wine Pairing Tips Everyone Should Know Red Wines and Red Meat. One of the most basic tips that is easy to remember and will help you make quick recommendations. White Wine and Light Meat ( Fish and Chicken). White wines pair well with fish because the acids in the wine enhance the... If the ...

9 Tips For Pairing Wine & Food The wine should be more acidic than the food. The wine should be sweeter than the food. The wine should have the same flavor intensity as the food. Red wines pair best with bold flavored meats (e.g. red meat). White wines pair best with light-intensity meats (e.g. fish ...

To get the wines that match with the most dishes, you’ll have to go to the middle of said spectrum, where you’ll find wines like Sparkling and Medium Reds. Sparkling wine is good with salmon, vegetables, pizza, while medium reds are a good match for a menu based on steak, ham, lasagna, and other meats & cured meats.

The flavors of food and wines that have grown up together over the centuries—Tuscan recipes and Tuscan wines, for instance—are almost always a natural fit. This pappardelle with veal ragù pairs...

Best Finger Foods For Wine Pairing Cheese. What could be more classic than cheese and wine? This pairing is as old as the hills and there are countless... Goat’s Cheese Appetizers. Serving a cheese board isn’t the only way to feature cheese as finger food. Try making mini... Nuts. Nuts are another ...

Fresh, aromatic whites with a touch of sweetness will generally pair well. When pairing wine with vegetables, stay in the comfort zone of Riesling and Pinot Grigio for whites, or light, easygoing...

Learn to Match Wine and Food. White wines tend to pair better with lighter foods such as green veggies and fish. Keep clear of red wine and fish, for the most part, unless it’s a rich not-so-fishy fish. Sparkling wine pairs with a wide variety of foods because it acts as a palate cleanser.

Like most Asian cuisines, dishes are placed on the table at the same time so one wine has to do duty for all. The crisp acidity of Alsace Pinot Gris makes it a reliably good match but the new wave of Pinot Gris from New Zealand (see panel tasting, p101) with their opulent fruit and beguiling sweetness are impressive.

To make your own Albariño food pairing, let’s dig into the characteristics of the wine and what foods complement those flavors. Albariño is light to medium-bodied so it pairs best with dishes that are equal to it in weight. Therefore Albariño pairs best with lighter and more delicate dishes like vegetables, poultry, and seafood.

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