What is so special about old wine?

Blanca Denesik asked a question: What is so special about old wine?
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What's the deal with old vine wines?

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Too little humidity causes the cork to crumble, which allows oxygen to enter the bottle and cause oxidation. Aging wine properly allows it time to develop a smooth, full flavor that enhances the experience of drinking wine.

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Opening 40 year old wine | wine folly

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Old vines are all about the former: the grapes they produce provide natural balance and depth. Compared to young vines, they’re expensive to work since you can’t mechanise an old vineyard ...

But what is Bordeaux wine, and what makes Bordeaux so special? A Brief History of Bordeaux In order to understand why Bordeaux is the tour de force it is today, we must look back a little to the history of the city and wine region, and recognize its geographical and geopolitical importance.

A vine reaches “adulthood” around seven or eight years. A “mature” grapevine is said to be anywhere from 12–25 years old. “Old vines” are usually more than 25 years, and preferably more than 50 years old! Many old vineyards use head-pruned or “goblet” trained vines.

A vintage is simply the year the grapes were picked and the wine was produced, but there’s much more behind understanding what each vintage means.

'The advantage of having very old vines is that they concentrate the aromas because the vine produces fewer grapes and is focuses all its energy just on these. Usually, wine growers don't keep old vines because they do not produce enough and they need you to take more care of them as they are very fragile. For example, we can only harvest by hand.

First, deep-rooted older vines are less affected by weather extremes—think rain and sun—than shallow-rooted, younger vines. Second, older vines move through and reside in several layers of soil and absorb a wider variety of minerals and nutrients.

At the age of forty the vine is over the hill and produces less and less fruit. This decline increases until the vine is about fifty years old when the plant is in its twilight years. This is when...

Now that you know what wine is and where it comes from, find out what are the basic characteristics of wine? Some wines taste tart. The tartness of wine is called acidity. Some wines will warm/burn the back of your throat, which is the alcohol level. Finally, some wines leave a lingering bitter/dry taste in your mouth which is called tannin.

11. “Better is old wine than new, and old friends like-wise.” – Charles Kingsley. 12. “A glass of wine keeps the doctor away; a bottle of wine would keep everyone away. I think I’ll have a bottle.” – Unknown. 13. “Be careful to trust a person who does not like wine.” – Karl Marx

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