What is slang for alcohol?

Maribel Kertzmann asked a question: What is slang for alcohol?
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Alcohol slang terms include juice, sauce, hooch, vino, and liquid courage.

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Slang Terms for Alcohol & Drunkenness Alcohol. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), more than 86% of all people above... Mixed Drinks. Mixed drinks contain one or more types of alcohol and generally contain some additional, non-alcohol... Alcohol Mixed with ...

2x4 – 40 – 516 – adult beverage – a few – alcamahol – alcopop – alky – AMF – ass whup – Baltic tea – beast – belt – booze – brew – brewski – BYOB – BYOW – cab – Cab Sav – champers – cheeky few – cold one – cris – dead soldier – drink, the – eye-opener – forty – G and T – giggle juice – giggle water – goon – growler – hair of the dog – half rack – handle – hard alcohol – hard stuff – hen-dog – Henny – high gravity ...

Alcohol Slang Someone Who Drinks To Excess Alcoholic, boozer, dipsomaniac, drinker, drunk, drunkard, drunken, heavy drinker, inebriate, problem drinker, tippler, spirituous

Alcohol. Because alcohol is both widely available and legal to procure and consume for those of age, there is little need to mask it with slang terms. However, young people who may not yet be old enough to imbibe alcohol may use slang terms to obscure the fact that they have been drinking. These can include: Booze; Brew; Hooch; Juice; Sauce; Conclusion

Booze is probably one of the most widely used slang names for alcohol. Hooch is a term that was traditionally used to describe alcohol that was home-made, and became a wide-spread slang name during the time of prohibition when alcohol had to be made illicitly.

The following are different slang used for alcoholics: Drunk Alchie/Alkey/Alkie Red labeled Lush Sot Goldiedrunk Sponge Toper Wino Tippler Alcoholic Boozer Dipsomaniac Drunkard Guzzler Souse Carouser Debauchee Inebriate Soak Stiff Juicer Bacchanalian Barfly Tosspot Bibber/Wine-bibber Brewery Wine ...

Slang expressions and idioms to describe someone who is drunk: He’s bombed. He’s three sheets to the wind. He’s plastered. He’s as drunk as a skunk. He’s well oiled. He’s wasted. If you drink too much, you might feel sick the next day. We use have a hangover and be hung-over: I have a hangover. I am hung-over.

Slang for alcoholic (Related Terms) - Urban Thesaurus. alkie whitney wilson loadie bad word jakey video games hooch jakie hen alcy near beer perk soju alki bevoir tilly bar fly alcopops kruse squiffy boozeahol tennents julian 151 tequila diarrhea profane drunk shikker miranda nightcap shant adult beverage alchy dancing juice libation chloe drinkies ...

alcoholic; There are no categories underneath this one. What slang words have this meaning? The definitions of these slang words appear below the list. alky – boozer – juicer – lush – prehab – wino; Full definitions of all the slang words listed above: A

Among alcoholics, this term is better known than among other addicts. Short for Delirium Tremens, DTs refers to a dangerous kind of alcohol withdrawal symptom that can bring on delirium, uncontrollable shaking, and seizures. 3. Pink Cloud. Moving into the less direct territory of recovery slang, we have the Pink Cloud.

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