What grape is barolo?

Hosea Leannon asked a question: What grape is barolo?
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Barolo, also known as “the king of wines”, is a fine Italian red wine with complex and powerful aromas. It's produced in an area called Barolo DOCG in Piedmont, north-west Italy. The wine is made from a grape called Nebbiolo, which is famous for its flavours of dried rose and liquorice.


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📢 What is the grape of barolo and barbaresco?

Barolo and Barbaresco are both made from the Nebbiolo grape in Piedmont, while Brunello di Montalcino is from Tuscany and must be 100% Sangiovese. Together they constitute some of Italy's finest and most long-lived wines. All come from vineyards in geographically-defined areas, and all carry the DOCG denomination.

📢 What kind of wine grape is barolo made of?

Barolo is a section of Piedmont, Italy, southwest of Alba. While wine in Italy is timeless, Barolo came about in the 1800s when the Marchesa Giulietta Colbert Falletti started making wine out of Nebbiolo grapes.

📢 What wine is barolo?

Barolo is a DOCG (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita) region found in the northern Italian region of Piedmont. Exclusively made with the red grape Nebbiolo and aged for at least three years, Barolo wines are opulent with silky black-fruit flavours that linger on the palate.

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Is barolo heavy wine?

Barolo is dry red wine made from Nebbiolo, a thin-skinned red grape that produces a brick red, light-bodied wine. Barolo is a moderately high alcohol wine with around 13 to 16% alcohol by volume (ABV).

Is barolo wine expensive?

Barolo is expensive because of supply and demand. And, of course, because it’s so damned good. Barolo is made from the nebbiolo grape that had been grown in the Barolo region. This region is high above the fog that is often found in the region, making grapes that are more concentrated than elsewhere.

What do you eat barolo wine with?

Barolo wine pairing ideas:

Traditional dishes include: Brasato al Barolo (braised veal, lamb, or wild boar). Truffle dishes like traditional tajarin pasta with rich mountain butter, fonduta of strong cheeses, even fried egg with a runny yolk – shaved liberally with decadent Alba White Truffle.

What grapes are used in barolo wine?
  • A glass of Barolo from Piedmont Barolo wine is produced from the nebbiolo grape variety with the Lampia, Michet and Rosé clones authorized. The clusters are dark blue and greyish with the abundant wax that dresses the grapes. Their form is lengthened, pyramidal, with small, spherical grapes with substantial peel.
What red wine is similar to barolo?

Chianti Classico makes for a classic pairing with red-sauce pasta dishes! If you're craving the fullness and richness of a Barolo or Barbaresco, however, then let's head for some Brunello di Montalcino DOCG. Just like the famed Barolo and Barbaresco wines, Brunello di Montalcinos are worth the wait.

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  • The Cotton Candy grape looks and smells like a regular green grape. But the taste will evoke memories of the circus. The Cotton Candy grape looks and smells like a regular green grape. But the taste will evoke memories of the circus.
How do you drink barolo?

When enjoying Barolo, don't forget to open the bottle sometime before drinking, let the wine breathe and drink it from a large wine glass.

Is barolo a dry wine?

Elegant and age-worthy, Barolo is Italy's most sought after Nebbiolo wine. It's a dry red wine with a dramatic history and is said to be the most powerful expression of the Nebbiolo grape!

Is barolo a sweet wine?

Initially, Barolo actually used to be produced as a sweet red wine instead of a dry one. That changed in the mid nineteen century, but there are different versions regarding this shift in style.

Where is barolo wine produced?

Barolo wine, made from the nebbiolo grape, is produced in the north Italian region of Piedmont. It is a light wine, with a distinct lack of opacity. It has been made since prior the mid-19th century.

Where to buy barolo wine?
  • Buy Barolo wine from Piedmont, Italy at Total Wine & More. Find the best selection & prices on over 8,000 wines. Pickup in-store or ship to select states.
What is a good substitute for barolo wine?

If you're searching wine that have very similar characteristic to Barolo DOCG you should try Aglianico Del Vulture DOC. This wine comes from southern part of Italy, Basilicata region which is also very similar to Piemonte. Aglianico Del Vulture has high alcohol, high tannins and also quite high acidity.

What is a good year for barolo wine?

Barolo - Vintage table - good years and bad years With this vintage table you can see which years were good and which years can better be avoided for the purchase of a Barolo. Of course this list does not guarantee a good Barolo wine, there are more factors involved such as the winery and even the specific vineyard of the winery from which the specific bottle came from.

What kind of grapes are in barolo italy?
  • Grape Varieties in Barolo. The main grape varieties in the Barolo area are Dolcetto, Barbera and Nebbiolo.
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