What does the strong brew button do?

Dave Stehr asked a question: What does the strong brew button do?
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The Strong Brew button, as the name suggests, brews a bolder cup of K-Cup coffee by steeping the coffee grounds longer in water resulting in a stronger cup. This button is yet another feature that allows you to customize your cup even when brewing with a single serving brewer such as a Keurig.

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The “strong brew” button on there actually does make the brew stronger. I use mine a lot. It simply slows down the brew cycle time and reduces the pressure a bit. It discharges water into the grounds, waits a couple of seconds, discharges more, waits a couple of seconds etc.

What Does the Keurig Strong Button Do? Keurig Strong Button. Many love and adore their Keurig machines, however, there is no such thing as a perfect coffee... Keurig New Brewing Technology. Keurig introduces its new MultiStream Technology allowing you to extract the full flavor... Cozy’s Conclusion…

When you slow down the brew time with the strong button the water-to-grind contact time increases and you can more easily tell a difference in strength from large to small cups of coffee but even then the speed of the brew is responsible for a lot of the taste differences.

The strong button on the machines is basically to brew the coffee to its maximum potential. Keurig coffee makers come in different reservoir capacities. The strong button brings out a stronger flavor with a similar amount of coffee. If you are using K-cups it sets the brewer to the best setting by installing the barcode automatically.

The strong button on the Keurig makes the process of brewing your coffee a little longer. This makes your coffee taste stronger. The amount of caffeine does not change since it is the same amount of coffee you would use without pressing the strong option.

This is the quickest way to refining your palate and understanding what coffee should taste like in relation to each other. Use the same water you brew with as a palate cleanser. The encore is good, the virtuoso is much better, and premium hand grinders should make you completely disregard everything else.

The strong button allows you to increase the strength and bold taste of your coffee. Simply press this button at the start of your brew to enjoy a fuller, bolder cup! Was this answer helpful?

Basically it’s a lot like the Strong button on coffee makers made popular by Keurig & Hamilton Beach. It brews those smaller pots of coffee with a slightly slower stream of water to help the coffee extract a more balanced flavor profile.

Are you talking about a Keurig or similar machine? In that case, hitting ‘strong’ means the brew time is slowed - each bit of water that is put through the machine has more time to mingle with the grounds, soaking up more taste. You end up with a stronger-tasting, but slightly more bitter, coffee at the end. 1.1K views

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