Viognier wine pairing?

Verna Bosco asked a question: Viognier wine pairing?
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  • Viognier Wine Pairing. Viognier is often blended with other white grapes, such as Marsanne, Rousanne, Chardonnay, Grenache Blanc and Chenin Blanc . Sometimes, Viognier is blended with Syrah in the Rhône Valley's Côte Rotie or with Shiraz in Australia to soften the red wine and to give it an aromatic lift.

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The most important when pairing Viognier and food is to respect the following characteristics of the wine: Delicate floral aromas - do not pair it with too bold or aromatic foods Low/medium acidity - do not pair it with too acid foods Oily texture - you can pair it with hearty dishes with cream, ...

Viognier Wine Pairing. Viognier's home is France, especially in the northern Rhône Valley regions of Condrieu and Château-Grillet (the latter has just ten acres and one owner), where it's the only white grape used and produces magnificently fragrant, voluptuous and expensive wines. It's also grown in Languedoc, Roussillon, Provence, Australia, ...

Viognier is a bright white wine produced widely in France and other parts of Europe. Learn more about the floral wine and the top foods to pair with it. Guide to Viognier Wine: How to Pair Food With Viognier Wine - 2021 - MasterClass

Viognier wine pairings. * Top of my list would be mild creamy curries like kormas or spicy south-east Asian curries. Even curries made with curry powder work well as do spicy dishes with a hint of peach or apricot, echoing the flavours in the wine. * mild spicy noodle dishes like Pad Thai. * chicken salads with apricot, peach or mango like ...

Next: Perfect pairings for Viognier Perfect pairings for Viognier. With floral aromas, sweet-seeming fruit flavors, and rich textures, Viognier is made for bold, exotic dishes. It’s also great with cheeses and nuts. Some favorite pairings: Sweet: shellfish Scallops, lobster, crab, and shrimp

Food Pairing with Viognier. The trick to pairing foods with Viognier wine is to fully respect its delicate floral notes and medium acidity. Thus, as a general rule, focus on embellishing and expanding the wine’s core flavors while making sure that the foods you pair with it aren’t too acidic or bold.

Our Viognier is a medium-to-full bodied white with wonderful citrus, light stone fruit and floral characteristics – ideal for pairing with semi-hard and medium-aged cheeses The firmer texture and stronger flavors of these semi-hard cheeses need a wine that offers a balance between acidity, fruit, and tannin.

Viognier is a dream with creamy style cheeses like a Délice de Bourgogne or a triple cream Brie, but can also work nicely with more piquant cheeses. Gorgonzola is a good example, with a mix of creamy and sharp flavours. The round and fruity perfume aromas are a great pairing, no quince paste required!

Its buttery and creamy texture makes it a wine pairing fan favorite! In fact, its sharpness is the reason many people appreciate and love pairing with a glass of Viognier wine. Cream Brie. One of the most elegant choices for Viognier cheese pairing is the “Queen of Cheeses”: Brie.

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