Vina sol wine?

Federico Haag asked a question: Vina sol wine?
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  • Gran Viña Sol is a wine made with Chardonnay and Parellada. Once harvested, they ferment in stainless steel tanks with temperature control, 16 ° C. A third part of the wine undergoes fermentation and is aged for 5 months in new French oak barrels. Gran Viña Sol is a creamy, deep and profiled wine.

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Torres Gran Vina Sol Chardonnay 桃、洋梨、トーストの香ばしさ バター風味も。

The Torres family has been making wine for more than three centuries when their ancestors settled in Spain's Penedes wine land during Phoenician times. But it was in 1962 when Miguel A. Torres had just finished his winemaking studies and started fermenting parellada grapes at low temperature, that the first Viña Sol came into being.

This wine is not available in the selected language. Este vino no está disponible en el idioma seleccionado. Aquest vi no està disponible a l'idioma seleccionat. Visit our blog and find out more about wine culture LIGHT AND FULL ...

Viña Sol being fresh wine is a characteristic that remains through time as part of its essence. Born in a fascinating year, 1962, and like many of the icons of the sixties it has become a timeless and popular icon throughout the world.

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Gran Viña Sol is a creamy, deep and profiled wine. On the nose, the aromas of ripe white fruit stand out with tropical notes and a touch of toast from the barrel. On the palate, the attack is wide, with an intense mid palate and a long finish. Gran Viña Sol was a pioneer in the production of barrel-fermented chardonnay in Spain.

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