Vidal wine?

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Vidal is a hardy hybrid grape that is grown mainly in Canada and the northeastern United States. It is best known as one of the ice wine grapes of Ontario (Riesling and Cabernet Franc are the others), where it is grown to a considerable extent… Synonyms include: Vidal Blanc, Vidal 256.

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Vidal. A French hybrid grape, known principally for its use in ice wine making in Canada. The vines are ideal for ice wine, as they are incredibly hardy and suited to harsh winters.

Anthony Joseph Vidal, a young emigrant from Spain, was one of the first winemakers to appreciate the natural potential of the area. He established Vidal Estate in 1905 and his spirit of adventure coupled with a lifelong commitment to crafting classic, elegant wines remains an inspiration to this day.

Vidal Vineyards crafts rich and expressive wines from grapes grown in the Oakville sub appellation of Napa Valley. These top-producing vineyards neighbor the world famous Opus One winery as well as Robert Mondavi winery. The wines from this region are know for their rich texture, velvety tannins and subtle flavors of mint, black currant and herbs.

Vidal. This wine is often used for the production of Icewine in Ontario. Vidal, also known as Vidal Blanc, was developed in the 1930’s by French grape breeder Jean Louis Vidal. It was brought to Canada in the late 1940’s because of its ability to survive harsh growing conditions. It is a white hybrid grape variety used to produce white wine.

Voted Raymond Chan's Winery of the Year in 2017, Vidal produces well balanced and understated wines. The team opt for minimal intervention in the winery and vineyard, carefully selecting grapes from New Zealand’s best winegrowing regions, including Marlborough and the renowned Gimblett Gravels sub-region in Hawkes Bay.

Food pairings for Vidal wines include: Crab and broccoli salad (dry) Pear and roquefort tarts (sweet) Crêpes and caramel cream ("panqueques celestino") (sweet)

Vidal Blanc wine is quite acidic and fruity with citrus, pineapple and floral flavors. Cool weather Vidal is sometimes vinified to have a Riesling-like character. It can be made dry, off dry, semi-sweet or sweet. It is a popular, high producing vine grown mostly in Canada, the northeast U.S. and other east coast states.

Vidal is a hybrid (Ugni Blanc and Seibel) that has a thick skin suitable for harvesting late in the season. It is the grape grown most for Icewine in Ontario. It’s good natural acidity gives great structure to the lusciousness of its tropical aromas and flavors of mango and lychee. Inniskillin Vidal Icewine is made in two distinct styles-without ...

Vidal blanc is a white hybrid grape variety produced from the Vitis vinifera variety Ugni blanc and another hybrid variety, Rayon d'Or. It is a very winter-hardy variety that manages to produce high sugar levels in cold climates with moderate to high acidity. The grape was developed in the 1930s by French wine grape breeder Jean Louis Vidal; his primary goal in developing the variety was for the production of Cognac in the Charente-Maritime region of western France. However, due to its winter ha

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