Vella burgundy wine alcohol content?

Leone Littel asked a question: Vella burgundy wine alcohol content?
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  • Peter Vella Burgundy that begins with a medium body that transitions smoothly into delicious hints of black cherry fruit. ABV/Proof: 11.8 Volume: 5.0 l Pickup Only (?)

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Peter's Serving Tip: Burgundy is the wine I like to match up with grilled meats, especially lamb or pork tenderloin. It's also a natural with spicy, red pasta sauces or even a hearty soup, like Minestrone. Residual Sugar: 0.8 g/100ml. Alcohol: 11.75%. Size: 5 Liters

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Peter Vella Burgundy. Peter Vella. Burgundy. Red wine from California · United States. 3.1. 28 ratings. Add to Wishlist. Add this Vivino rating to your website?

From Chardonnay and White Zinfandel to Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, Peter Vella offers ten flavorful wines. Meet Peter Vella. Get to know the winemaker behind our award-winning wines. He's much more than a face on a box. Discover Box Wine. Find out why Box Wine has some advantages.

Total Pure Alcohol(oz.) Price Location; Franzia: Wine: Red: 10.49: 12: Box (5L) 0.517: 20.28: Massachusetts: Franzia: Wine: Rose: 9.87: 9: Box(5L) 0.649: 15.21: Montana: Night Train: Wine: Red: 2.99: 17.5: Bottle (750ML) 0.674: 4.436: Massachusetts: Carlos Rossi: Wine: Red: 10.99: 12: Jug/Box (4L) 0.677: 16.224: Massachusetts: Almaden: Wine: Red: 14.99: 12.5: Box(5L) 0.71: 21.125: Massachusetts: Peter Vella: Wine: Rose: 13.51: 8: Box(5L) 0.999

“Vella is hands down better than Franzia.” “I would inject this into my veins.” “This is better than sex. Or at least better than the sex I’ve been having.” TOTAL: 4.42. The Results. VELLA = 3.89. FRANZIA = 2.6. After adding up the scores of both brands, Vella won with a 1.29 lead over Franzia. Drink up, folks.

Brand: Peter Vella Vineyards; Category: Wine; Class: Red Wine; Type: Blended Varietal Wine; Style1: Burgundy; Age/Vintage: NV; Origin: California ABV/Proof: 11.8; Volume: 5.0 l ; In Stock (10) Aisle: Back Wall; Have a question about Peter Vella Burgundy California Table Wine

Peter Vella Burgundy. Pinot Noir / 11.5 % ABV / California, United States. 5.0L box - from $18.46. View More Sizes. Check Availability. 5.0 L box - from $18.46. View More Sizes. Check Availability. Fruity & Light Pinot Noir.

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