Uses for wine corks in garden?

Ethyl Howell asked a question: Uses for wine corks in garden?
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Great Ways to Use Recycled Wine Corks in the Garden

  • Mulch. Shred those corks with a knife or in a blender, and you can make fantastic mulch with them…
  • Plant Markers. Can't remember what you planted where? ...
  • Compost…
  • Build a Fairy Garden…
  • Save the Bees…
  • Build a Birdhouse…
  • Stepping Stones…
  • Make a Planter.

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Not a gardening use exactly, but you could certainly place an adorable cork-made birdhouse in your garden. 7. Stepping Stones. Use those leftover corks to make unique stepping stones for your garden path. 8. Make a Planter. With wine corks, you can make some adorable planters for your indoor or outdoor plants.

Learn about these 24 amazing wine corks ideas and crafts for your garden and home! 1. Wine Cork Mulch. Wine corks can work as a nice mulching material for your container garden. Avoid using plastic wine... 2. Wine Cork Plant Markers. Super easy wine cork project here, these plant markers can be a ...

Garden, Flowers, and Vases One of the most popular cork garden ideas that I found is using corks with bamboo skewers to make plant markers. Several people suggest using a fine Sharpie marker to label your corks. There are also some great options out there for cork planters and vase fillers.

These 40 awesome uses for old wine corks will make you even more excited about your next bottle of wine. 1) Succulent Planter Magnets These tiny magnets turn your fridge into a vertical garden.

Hack #2: Wine Cork Mulch! Suddenly, the idea of Wine Cork Mulch became a reality and good use for more than 25lbs of corks! I just place the corks where I’d normally put bark mulch. It worked out perfectly for the Paperbark Maple planted a few years ago, adding whimsy to a new garden focal point.

How to Reuse Wine Corks in the Garden. Cork makes awesome mulch for potted plants. Just cut the cork into teensy pieces with a sharp knife, and you’re ready to mulch! The porous cork will let moisture in and help keep it in the soil. Just remember, we are talking about the old-school corks made from cork oak, not the newfangled plastic ones.

Grind your corks up in a food processor and add to your garden bed. The cork will retain moisture and mulch your garden effectively. (See also: What a Vegetable Garden Needs )

Use your leftover wine corks for your next charcuterie board! Create fun cheese markers by wrapping the bottom of a used cork with colorful string. Cut a small slit on the side of the cork and add a piece of card stock. Add the name of your dish or cheese, and you're done!

Once you’ve poured yourself a glass (or two) of wine from your favorite bottle, we assume the last thing on your mind is what to do with the cork. But next time you pop some bubbly or uncork a robust red, stash the corks somewhere safe. The reason? DIY projects, of course! Whether you’ve got one on hand or a full-blown cork collection, get inspired by these 20 quirky ways to use wine corks.

Add corks to a candle holder or make a floating wine cork centerpiece by adding water to a vase, toss in some corks, flowers, votive candles, etc., (anything that floats and goes with your “theme”). BIRDHOUSES/DOLL HOUSES – Ok, for those really crafty people…you can use corks like you would wood or any other material to build things.

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