Unshackled wine review?

Kian Monahan asked a question: Unshackled wine review?
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Video answer: Unshackled red blend | one minute of wine episode# 747

Unshackled red blend | one minute of wine episode# 747

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4.5Very typical prisoner type wine: lots of fruit, well balanced and little pepper. Jammy and smooth with moderate smoothness and finish. Very solid Prisoner wine. 4.5Deep cherry color with a cherry-plum flavor profile.

Video answer: 2018 unshackled cabernet by the prisoner wine company

2018 unshackled cabernet by the prisoner wine company

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Unshackled Red Blend Red Wine, created by the innovative winemakers of The Prisoner Wine Company, unfolds with aromas of raspberry, blueberry, and crushed violets. A purity of fruit is apparent in every sip of this cherry wine, a red wine blend that shuns traditional boundaries.

The Prisoner. Unshackled Cabernet Sauvignon. 2019. Red wine from California · United States. 4.1. 488 ratings. Add to Wishlist.

Berry flavours on the palate are rich and ripe, and there is a bit of a chalky, dry finish mingled with some warm spicy hints. Lovely! Enjoy with a grilled steak. Produced by the Prisoner Wine Company, Unshackled 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon is being offered for the first time in Canada.

by Andrew Chalk From the company: “Unshackled officially launched in early 2020 and provides a well-priced option for wine drinkers looking to further explore—or discover for the first time—the allure and rule-bending ethos of parent brand The Prisoner Wine Company.

Unshackled Sauvignon Blanc 2020 Review. Smells like pears with a little bit of sharpness from the high alcohol. The mouthfeel is pretty balanced, with some soft fruit and calm acidity. The alcohol...

Also the wine is expensive and I'd describe it as mediocre at best, especially for how much you're paying. If morality and money isn't an issue, then this wine is probably fine for you. It's clear that their intended market is middle-aged, mid to upper class, white people anyway. See More

Unshackled Rosé 2019 Review Heady and smooth. There is a moderate acidity, so the wine has a slight weight but stays refreshing. This is a great pink for food like grilled chicken or some BBQ.

No winery is more synonymous with Napa Valley than Robert Mondavi. And while they make all sorts of wines and at all sorts of price points, this is the one that epitomizes the winery. Somehow, they straddle the line between old and new, corporate yet having a sense of place, and making a wine that is affordable and good value for the quality.

“Unshackled offers consumers the boldness and creativity they love from The Prisoner Wine Company—which continues to drive the brand’s incredible double-digit growth year after year—at a remarkable value,” says Jim Sabia, Chief Marketing Officer.

Average of 89.3 points in 62 community wine reviews on 2018 Prisoner Wine Company Cabernet Sauvignon Unshackled, plus professional notes, label images, wine details, and recommendations on when to drink.

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