Unique gifts for someone who brews beer?

Isabell Pollich asked a question: Unique gifts for someone who brews beer?
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Gifts for beer drinkers

  • Yeti Hopper M30 Portable Soft Cooler…
  • Pelican Cooler Sling…
  • BrüMate Hopsulator BOTT'L Stainless Steel Insulated Bottle Cooler…
  • Yeti Rambler 16 Oz…
  • Spiegelau IPA Glass…
  • Spiegelau 4-Piece Craft Beer Tasting Kit…
  • Rastal Teku Stemmed Beer Glass - 14.2 oz - 2 Pack.

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This mug makes a perfect gift for any beer fan, homebrewer, drinker, camper, outdoorsman, or coffee lover. Holds 16oz of your favorite liquid – that’s a lot of wine, beer, or whiskey! Enamel construction is lightweight but extremely durable. Buy from Amazon.com.

Fun gifts for beer lovers and homebrewers, party games for adults, gifts for wine lovers, beer t-shirts, beer bottle openers and more. Also available: Beer Equipment Kits. Gift Cards and Memberships. Shirts and Apparel Homebrew T-shirts. Fun Beer Stuff For the beer lover. Bottle Openers and Cap Catchers Novelty bottle openers.

1 Colster Can Insulator. Ditch those flimsy can koozies and opt for this one by YETI that's guaranteed to keep your brew cold for hours. If the only thing they love more than beer is their dog ...

A pair of beer and BBQ socks, for the person who's a firm believer that there isn't a more iconic duo in existence. Amazon These socks fit most men's shoe sizes 6-12.

For the one with the porter penchant: a Vermont maple porter beer brewing kit. For the on the go traveler: a beer caddy with bottle opener. For the appetizer aficionado: a pretzel & beer cheese kit. For the drinking game gal: a mini beer pong set. For the all-around brew lover: a hopped up coffee. For the sudsy scent enthusiast: a flight of beer soap.

These unique gifts for beer lovers are sure to please: The 2 4 oz drinking vessel by Das Horn is a fun accessory fit for beer lovers of all ages. Made of BPA-free plastic, this drinking vessel features a comfortable nylon strap and display stand. For the outdoorsy craft beer enthusiast, consider these s ilicone outdoor drink covers by Drink

For anyone who brews their own beer, a custom engraved personalized beer tap handle makes a great gift. The tap handle is fabricated in a classic tapered shape and measures 10 inches tall.

Blended with beer ingredients like barley and hops for a Chocolate Stout and a Black IPA inspired flavor, this coffee helps you mix your two favorite brews. More: Buzzy Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Cheers to you and cheers to whomever is the recipient of the following kickass beer gifts (and double cheers if you’re shopping for yourself!) Here are the 46 best gifts for beer lovers. Cold ...

14. uKeg 64 Pressurized Growler for Craft Beer - Stainless Steel One of the most import craft beer gifts for brewers. Keep craft brews cold and fresh for up to two weeks with this pressurized growler. Buy @ Amazon.com / $$$$

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