Tossing of wine?

Ottilie Swift asked a question: Tossing of wine?
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  • The wedding toast is a long held tradition performed to wish the newlyweds good health and prosperity throughout their married life. The clinking of the glasses was done to ward off evil spirits. Wine is used for toasting because its sweet taste represents everyone's wish for a sweet life for the newlyweds.

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The flavor and art of pairing and drinking a good wine makes me feel luxurious. But some of the best wine toast quotes take class out of the equation. In the place of class is humor and wit and I’m very okay with that. Next time you pour a glass of wine with a group of friends or family members show off with some of the best wine toast quotes ever.

What is the significance of wine tossing in wedding? Tossing wine or other drinks is common practice to "give the gods drink" to keep them happy (e.g.. keep care of the couple).

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Wine is also a litter-free drink. You really only want to be throwing liquid, not tossing ice-cubes, paper umbrellas and plastic stirrers into someone’s eye. Please, no olives on toothpicks; if you want to settle an argument with pointy sticks, take up fencing. And wine is relatively expensive.

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Toss definition is - to throw with a quick, light, or careless motion or with a sudden jerk. How to use toss in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of toss.

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