Tobin james wine tasting fee?

Elody Nienow asked a question: Tobin james wine tasting fee?
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I believe is the first winery on 46 west. Also the place is always busy and is not because the wine is amazing, it's actually that the tasting is free and you get to just drink as many tastes you want.

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How The Tobin James Wine Club Works. There’s no fee to become a member, and when you do so you’ll benefit from significant discounts. Any purchase will come with a 15% discount for members and those who want to order a case or more can get 20% off. There’s also the opportunity to participate in some special events.

$20/pp tasting fee* Sunday-Friday:We’re only accepting groups of 8 or less, we will not split larger groups. Saturdays only: We’re only accepting groups of 6 or less. Tasting Area/Retail Hours: 10am-6pm daily. Picnic and Pet area. Tobin James Cellars is proud to offer our unique artisan grotto area. The area seats about twenty people comfortably.

The tasting fee is $20.00 per person, waived with an equal purchase of wine. Due to COVID, we have had to instate this tasting fee. We really didn't want to do this, but we need to pay all our hard-working staff.

This tasting kit is enough for 2 people. (you can have it all to yourself, we won't judge) This ZOOM virtual event is hosted by co-owners & winemakers- Lance & Claire Silver. $40+tax KIT INCLUDES: 4 oz James Gang Reserve Riesling. 4 oz Limited Reserve 'Pinot Envy' 4 oz James Gang Reserve 'Midnight Magic' Petite Sirah. 4 oz Reserve Grenache

Tobin James Cellars Virtual Wine Tasting. Join us on Zoom Thursday, February 18th at 6:00pm as we spend an evening virtually tasting wines curated by Tobin James Cellars. For the discounted price of $100 (includes taxes and local wine distribution) guests will receive 3 bottles of wine from Tobin James Cellars.

Justin was our server and completely amplified our experience. He was attentive, knowledgable, and fun! We told us all about the wines and kept our group interested. The wines were great as well! Also loved that the tasting fee was $20 but waived if you bought a bottle - so nice that they don't make you purchase like 3 bottles to waive a tasting fee.

I have visited Tobin James many times. In pre-covid days - a very busy, but enjoyable stop. No tasting fee - very fun, great for kids (pretzels, all juice, video games to play). Visited there in November - much different and unenjoyable vibe. Felt pressured to buy (very different than the Old Tobin James). Next time I will skip altogether.

Suggested retail price: $21. Tobin James Cellars is located in Paso Robles, California. They opened their tasting room in 1994 at the site of an old stagecoach stop on Highway 46 east. Today, their western themed tasting room features an old 1860 mahogany bar from Missouri, wagon wheels amd cowboy cutouts.

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