The women of brewster place how does the book end?

Lowell Feest asked a question: The women of brewster place how does the book end?
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  • The women believe that the wall in front of which Ben died still has blood on it, so they begin to frantically tear it apart, brick by brick. Mattie wakes to a beautiful sunny day. In the end, all of the residents of Brewster Place are forced out, and the block is condemned.

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Matus’s main argument about this theme can be summarized as her belief that Naylor uses the dream described at the end of the novel as an out— an end that allows her to not commit to one conclusion or other; a deferral of closure, if you will. A reader might ask what the purpose of such a noncommittal ending is as it relates to the novel as a whole.

The Women of Brewster Place is a novel told in seven stories. Of the seven stories, six are centered on individual characters, while the final story is about the entire community. The primary characters and the title characters of each chapter are all women and residents of Brewster Place. Brewster Place is a housing development in an unnamed city.

Initially, Gloria Naylor's book The Women of Brewster Place seems to be stories of various women struggling under the inequities of poverty and racism. However, due to her use of symbology, thoughtful study can reveal a deeper hidden meaning in her writings. This book is not so much about racism or poverty as it is sexist.

Etta Johnson, Mattie’s childhood friend, soon joins her at Brewster Place. Etta has spent her life running from one man to the next, and dreams of stability. Mattie takes her to church, and Etta is smitten by the Reverend Woods. He is charming, good looking, and wealthy, but after they sleep together, Etta feels empty.

The lives of seven black women interse ct in this dead-end corner of the world. Each has experienced pain—often at the hands of a man—and profound grief. But in the desolate surroundings of Brewster Place they find within themselves, as well as from each other, the strength to survive.

major conflict The daily struggle to survive in Brewster Place is the central conflict. rising action A series of confrontations forms the central action in each chapter: Mattie’s escape from her parents’ home in the South; Etta’s encounter with Reverend Woods; Kiswana’s confrontation with her mother; and Lorraine’s decision to leave Theresa and attend a party by herself.

All of the women in Brewster Place want respect, love, and safety. And in the end, they learn how unity can be a temporary safe haven from the cruelness of the world.

Brewster Place, ignored and forgotten by the authorities who built it, begins its decline. Literally and symbolically, the wall creates a dead-end street. For the black women who live behind it, the partition represents their severance from society by racism, poverty, violence, and sexism, and their resulting sense of alienation and isolation.

The Women of Brewster Place is a powerful collection of intertwining stories surrounding the women who live in an urban housing development. Through seven lives we see decades of history - what brought them to the Place, coming north (the city isn't expressly named, but a few geographical clues in the text make the reader think it is New York) looking for opportunity, love, acceptance and social action.

Word Count: 548. Kiswana Browne is a twenty-something college dropout. She comes from a well-to-do upper-middle-class family but has chosen to live in a studio apartment on Brewster Place.

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