Should wine be stored on its side?

Wallace Wunsch asked a question: Should wine be stored on its side?
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Reasons for storing a screw cap wine bottles on their side include:

  • Space savings
  • Wine in racks makes for a nice room display
  • There’s somewhat of a ritual around the action of the host pulling a bottle out of a rack

Wine Storage Rule #2: You should always store wine on its side, rather than upright. You may think that because you've seen wine sold upright in stores, this is the correct way to store it, but unfortunately, it is not… Keeping the wine in constant contact with the cork maintains the seal and protects the wine.

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When you store a bottle of wine on its side, the liquid keeps the cork moist. The cork keeps its size (and can even expand if needed, for instance, if a warm environment causes the glass bottle to expand), and so maintains a tight seal against the outside air. The only air that gets in is through the small pores in the cork--the perfect amount to age the wine well.

Storing wine on its side. Those in favor of storing wine on its side say that having the liquid in contact with the cork will help prevent the cork from drying out if the wine is stored for the long term.

Precise quote: “The idea that storing a wine on its side to stop the cork drying out is bullshit.”. The same goes for humidity-controlled wine cellars (though The Drinks Business notes that the same isn’t true for barrel cellars).

Any time a wine is topped with a cork, it should be stored on its side. A cork is used as a topper because it expands in the neck of the bottle to protect a wine from oxygen. But if the cork starts to dry out, it will start to let air inside, causing premature oxidation.

For the same reason it’s recommended to store wine on its side is why it is not recommended to store it upright. When your bottle is upright, the wine is not hitting the cork. The cork will then begin to dry out, resulting in a musty, malodorous wine.

Although some wine enthusiasts believe a small amount of oxygen can help age wine, most generally agree that excessive exposure to air can cause the wine’s taste to spoil. The problem of shrinking corks, however, can easily be solved by keeping the cork moist. This is why wine bottles have traditionally been stored horizontally. When stored in this position, the wine inside the bottle keeps the cork moist, allowing it to maintain its seal. This practical concern has been the driving factor ...

Why is wine stored on its side? You’re right that a wine bottle sealed with a cork should be stored on its side, which keeps the cork from drying out. A dry cork can shrivel up and let air into the bottle, causing the wine to prematurely age and the cork to crumble when you try to remove it. How long can you store wine upright? about 2 to 7 days. Does wine go bad if stored upright? DON’T ...

Storing wine on its side won’t prevent corks drying out, and may even accelerate their degeneration, according to Amorim’s director of R&D, Dr. Miguel Cabral. During a discussion in Portugal ...

Should wine touch the cork in storage? Yes. A wine bottle should be laid on its side to keep the cork in contact with the wine. This keeps the wine from oxidizing, which leads to loss of flavor and eventually rotten wine. The only exception is sparkling wines, which have enough humidity to survive standing upright.

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