Should wine be stored cork up or down?

Jadon Konopelski asked a question: Should wine be stored cork up or down?
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Any time a wine is topped with a cork, it should be stored on its side. A cork is used as a topper because it expands in the neck of the bottle to protect a wine from oxygen. But if the cork starts to dry out, it will start to let air inside, causing premature oxidation.

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Dear Peter, Let me just review the generally accepted idea that wines with corks are best stored and aged on their side, so that the cork remains in contact with the wine. If a cork dries out, it can allow air in and cause the wine to oxidize and prematurely age. It's best practice to store wine bottles horizontally.

The actual amount is the key to a closure’s performance. A typical cork will let in about one milligram of oxygen per year. This sounds like a tiny bit, but after two or three years, the cumulative amount can be enough to break down the sulfites that winemakers add to protect the wine from oxidation.

Corks must remain moist in order to do their job properly. A dried out cork leads to a musty smelling, “corked” wine. DO: Store your wine somewhere convenient. Although it may be good for the wine, it’s not practical or convenient to store your wine in that upstairs closet, away from harmful elements.

Storing wine on its side won’t prevent corks drying out, and may even accelerate their degeneration, according to Amorim’s director of R&D, Dr. Miguel Cabral.

I have opened older bottles of wine that were stored standing up. Let me tell you: The dry cork on the inside means the cork falls into a crumble on the bottom when you try to open it with most of those pieces landing inside the full bottle. That’ s just not good drinking. See all 30 comments

Madeira is the only wine that should be stored standing up. If the cork fails and falls into the bottle, it will still survive. Any other wine should be stored lying down in a cool, dark, humid environment, away from vibration and fluctuations in temperature.

Yes. A wine bottle should be laid on its side to keep the cork in contact with the wine. This keeps the wine from oxidizing, which leads to loss of flavor and eventually rotten wine. The only exception is sparkling wines, which have enough humidity to survive standing upright.

To learn the reasons why your wine should touch the cork during storage, please read this helpful article I wrote. How Long Wine Bottles Can Be Stored Upside Down. You could potentially store wine upside down for years as long as you understand the risks involved. As I mentioned earlier, sediments in the wine will settle on the very bottom of a ...

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