Should the alcohol drinking age be increased or decreased?

Crystal VonRueden asked a question: Should the alcohol drinking age be increased or decreased?
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Thirty years ago this week, Congress passed a bill that effectively raised the national drinking age to 21. Proponents of the higher drinking age says it reduces traffic fatalities and alcohol-related accidents while keeping booze out of the hands of teens, whose brains are still developing.

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Yes the age should increase So people stop committing crimes in the influence of alcohol. Teenagers brain hasn't developed properly and are not mature enough to make their own decisions, the crime rates may decrease if the age is increased which would be really good for themselves and even also the public.

Should alcohol drinking age be decreased of increased? In my opinion it should be decreased because if we are classified as an adult and we are allowed to get married and etc. Why are we not allowed to drink. Lowering the drinking age would teach kids how to be more responsible at a younger age.

Therefore, the young people in contempt of the law choose to drink, and since they can’t do it in an environment where there is supervision, they result to use of alcohol containing high-octane and in large amounts (Nugent). Therefore, by increasing the drinking age, alcohol consumption has bot become less dangerous but rather more hazardous.

“The 21 year old drinking age law is not working, it is counterproductive”, we should change our present national drinking age law and teach those who decided to consume alcohol how to drink without forgetting about responsibilities.

Alcohol consumption is highly dangerous for teenagers as well as adults because consumption of alcohol increases the flow of blood from the heart to other parts of the body (Johnston 5). Due to increase in blood circulation the pulse rate goes high and people become more exited compared to normal state.

Drinking Age Should Be Lowered. Since 1987, it has been argued that the legal drinking age in the United States should be lowered to 18 so that young adults are allowed to drink in certain environments. This argument has many sides which can be argued. At 18, you are considered an adult.

Youth may choose not to drink, or to drink less often, because of decreased social acceptability or increased risks from parental or legal authorities. Older youth and adults may furnish alcoholic beverages to minors less frequently, and licensed alcohol outlets may sell to minors less frequently, because of their perceptions that it is illegal, morally wrong, or because they might be caught.

The general idea behind the raising of alcoholic drinking age is that it protects young people who are still incapable of accepting responsibilities, from the abuse of alcohol. It is, however, very doubtful whether it performs this function. The matter is, the more something is prohibited, the more appealing it looks for those who are prohibited to ...

Another reason that the drinking age should not be lowered is because drinking among those under the age of 21 can produce noxious effects. In fact, there is little positive that alcohol drinking can do for individuals who are under the age of 21.

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