Should people with autoimmune disorders drink alcohol?

Flo Nolan asked a question: Should people with autoimmune disorders drink alcohol?
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Drinking alcohol moderately in social situations is a normal part of adult life. But for those with autoimmune diseases, alcohol, even in moderation, can cause inflammation that other social drinkers typically don't have to deal with.

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Effects of Alcohol on Autoimmune Conditions - AutoimmuneMom. It’s widely acknowledged that alcohol consumption causes damage to your pancreas, liver and other organs, but it also has a variety of effects on your natural defenses. For example, alcohol reduces cough and mucociliary clearance from your lungs, which increases the risk of pneumonia, ...

There’s no perfect drink for people with autoimmune diseases. However, polyphenol-rich dry red wine and clear liquors mixed with soda waters or lower sugar swaps, like some green juices, are your...

If you have an autoimmune disease, experiencing leaky gut after drinking alcohol can provoke a flare up of autoimmune symptoms. While red wine does contain polyphenols, which encourage good bacterial growth in your gut, ultimately the good of that does not outweigh the bad effects of the alcohol. Stress response (HPA axis)

And rightfully so! Alcohol is associated with relaxation, unwinding and social engagement. So should people with autoimmune diseases kick their alcohol habits? Well the answer, like all answers, is it depends. Alcohol in moderation may provide some small anti-inflammatory effects in those with autoimmune diseases.

If you are being very strict with the autoimmune protocol, you are likely to tolerate an occasional drink (make sure to stay away from any grain-based alcohols though, especially beer and ale which contain gluten).

organ damage, such as alcoholic liver disease, observed in people who drink alcohol heavily is at least partially caused by alcohol-triggered autoimmunity in which the immune system attacks the body’s own tissues. A number of reviews in the literature provide an overview of current knowledge concerning alcohol’s effects on

Many people struggling with autoimmune disease may be gluten sensitive. If you are experiencing a difficult-to-solve health challenge, you may want to give up gluten for three to six months to see if you notice any dramatic health improvements.

People with RA often have trouble sleeping. Drinking even small amounts of alcohol can also lead to fragmented sleep, making an RA patient’s sleep troubles even more challenging. Depression. RA ...

Dr. V. Michael Holers: We should distinguish COVID-19 infection from COVID-19 vaccination. The COVID-19 infection is a very complex immune process where there is increasing evidence of the development of certain types of autoimmune problems, especially related to clotting and interference with the normal cytokine milieu.

Should people with autoimmune disorders, such as Lupus, take the COVID vaccine? Will I have to get the vaccine every year like the flu shot? CBS2’s Dr. Max G...

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