Should i finish the main story before blood and wine?

Kobe Langosh asked a question: Should i finish the main story before blood and wine?
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Blood and Wine should be done after the main game is finished. It's not set in the same area as Witcher III, but set elsewhere in Toussaint.

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Finish Blood and Wine, you should be good, don't ever finish the main quest, you will fall into depression of how lonely velen is. I just did act 1 of the main quest and then finished hearts of stone. If you finish blood and wine you can ...

I will probably finish (again) before going into B&W. I actually loaded a save game prior to completing the main quest for HoS, because for some reason I thought you couldn't begin it otherwise. I'm going to use that save since I have more exp/gear on it now, and I think it will make more sense traveling to Toussaint after Ciri's business is ...

Should I finish the main story before I start Blood and Wine, or finish Blood and Wine before finishing the main story, or does it not matter? Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard Log In ...

Blood and Wine Close 5 Posted by 2 years ago Archived Can you finish blood and wine before the main game?? Who shows up at the end?? Blood and Wine 6 comments share ...

You can do hearts of stone before if you want to, it's mostly a stand alone story though there are some minor dialogue differences if you do it before finishing the game. You get hints for how to get the good ending of the main game if you make certain choices and you can ask a certain character about someone you meet in in HOS.

Hello. Blood and wine and a heart of stone before or after the main plot? how do you suggest They are intended to be played afterwards, though I personally like to weave them in, i. e. start the DLCs early and then maybe finish them ...

For story purposes, Hearts of Stone is meant to be played during the main story and Blood and Wine is meant to be played after the main story. Witcher 3 is not a well-balanced game in terms of leveling with context to DLC, so if you play both DLC before main story, you will be over-leveled for the main story.

Blood and Wine is definitely best played after the main story. Hearts of Stone can be placed anywhere on the story line, the game reacts in minor ways to when you play it, but it does not matter much.

The expansions are self-contained stories on the whole but stuff does happen differently if you've finished the main game (depending on your choices), and they're designed for a higher level Geralt. Plus, The Witcher 3's main story ending is the ending of that game, but Blood & Wine is then the ending of the trilogy.

Yes it is because Blood & Wine takes place 3 years after the base game. I would recommend to do HoS either right before the end of the main story, or after the main story. How To Start Blood And Wine Witcher 3 Blood And Wine

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