Shipping wine to canada?

Otto Miller asked a question: Shipping wine to canada?
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Shipping wine across canada

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There are several ways to bring or ship your wine to Canada:

  • From the U.S. you can bring it yourself in a u-Haul or in your vehicle if you are bringing only a few cases of 12 bottles - up to 45 ...
  • You can bring some cases on the plane with you as luggage…
  • You can air cargo a shipment…
  • A formal shipping company can handle wine collection shipping…
  • UPS and Fedex do not seem to be viable options for individuals…

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Learn to ship wine and alcohol internationally. Use our wine shipping country guide and understand your legal requirements.

Provincial law restricts transport of wine not purchased from liquor board within Quebec. Regulations have been issued which allow the importation of alcohol from other provinces but they only permit 9 liters of wine per person and only if it has been personally transported (no direct to consumer shipment). PEI Yes: Yes: 9 liters.

To ship wine, it can be advantageous to wrap the bottles in bubble wrap to further protect the product from breaking. As far as the actual process of importing your goods into Canada, your first order of business will be to register for and get an import/export business number from the Canada Revenue Agency.

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Companies that ship wine to canada. C calgarydetail Member. Cellar_fiend had a great idea, listing wineries and co. that will ship wine to the great white north. I dont know many but lets start the list with. Some lots on wine commune.

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U.S. produced wine The top five destinations for U.S. produced wines are Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, China and Hong Kong. UPS provides direct-to-consumer shipping to those and 31 other countries. The Speed You Need Paperless Invoice Easier international shipping with less paper helps to streamline customs clearance

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