Rioja wine pairing?

Tatum Waters asked a question: Rioja wine pairing?
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  • Rioja wines and Tempranillo in general are characterized by their cherry, plum, dill, dusty earth, and leather notes. Rioja wines pair best with tender, fatty meats like lamb or chorizo, but goes great with many of the classic Spanish tapas like patas bravas and grilled octopus.

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Rioja Crianza or Rioja Reserva, which can show significant secondary or tertiary notes, pair well with a hearty vegetable stew or red meat that’s been grilled or braised.

Rioja is a region in northeast Spain that makes amazing wines from a blend of Tempranillo and Garnacha. Tempranillo has lovely acidity and Garnacha adds fruitiness to the blend. The best lamb pairing with Rioja is with lamb shanks.

wine, also great for red sangria and marinades. Pair with beef or turkey chili, Chinese food, vegetable curry. Try with a sweet cow’s milk blue cheese (Stilton, Fourme d’Ambert), roasted loin of venison with prunes, grilled ribeye steak, cassoulet, beef bourguignon, pasta Bolognese. Rioja Crianza (Red) An easy drinking style,

The best food pairings for rioja. Rioja - and by that I mean red rioja - is one of the UK's best-loved wines and one of the easiest ones to match with food too. As you’d expect it pairs particularly well with Spanish food especially lamb and pork and recipes that contain red peppers, pimenton, garlic and saffron.

Hailing from North Central Spain, the Rioja region provides quality wine to pair with a variety of foods. One of our favorite parts of the Rioja stamp of approval is that the wine is aged for you. Only after being kept in the winemaker’s cellar for the appropriate amount of time is the bottle then released to the market.

Rioja on the Road: Pairing Spanish Wine with Local and Texas Cuisines About Rioja Wine. Of course, there’s not just one type of Rioja wine. There’s Rioja Blanco, sometimes steely and fresh,... Food and Red Rioja Wine. When pairing food and wine, there’s certainly something to be said for “what grows ...

Rioja wines are also fabulous paired with Peking duck, chicken satay, BBQ pork, sautéed wild mushrooms, and any kind of hard sheep’s milk cheese, like Manchego.

White rioja is tricky when it comes to wine pairing as it comes in such contrasting styles. There are the crisp fresh unoaked white riojas which behave much like a sauvignon blanc and much richer barrel-fermented ones which can tackle more intensely-flavoured fish and meat dishes.

Rioja is known for its easier-drinking Tempranillo-based reds which are traditionally paired with local roast pork, chorizo and aged cheese. But for a Gran Reserva Rioja, Cruz recommends trying higher protein meat, and his top pairing suggestion is grilled pigeon with white truffle. Roasted pigeon breast with white truffle, at Mugaritz restaurant.

Rioja wine is produced in many different styles, but the region is best known for its red wines. Red Rioja wines are usually a blend of a number of different grapes, primarily Tempranillo and often supported by Garnacha, Graciano and Mazuelo. This blend creates a wine that’s great with a meal. Yet there are a few things to consider when making a rioja food pairing. Click here to download a free Ebook and know more about the spanish red wines.

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