Red wine makes my tongue black?

Libby Kilback asked a question: Red wine makes my tongue black?
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  • A: Many wine drinkers will attest that some red wines can turn the tongue purple or black. Pigments in wine derive from a few different types of phenolic compounds, including anthocyanins and tannins; the degree of pigmentation will vary according to grape type, winemaking methods and aging.


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  • Mike Workman, Red wine collector, consumer, producer. Red wine pigments can change from bright red to deep black-purple based on the pH of the solution they are in. It is quite common to have a red wine, especially heavily pigmented wines such as Petite Sirah, Cabernet, Syrah, Malbec to create the effect you observe.

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Red wines have dark red and purple pigments that will stain your teeth and color your tongue. Best you can do is rinse and swirl water in your mouth after drinking red wine and of course brushing your teeth when you are finished. Getting your teeth cleaned at your dentists office is also important if you want your teeth to look better. 645 views

It’s simply a change in the pH. Wine has a low pH, and your mouth has a higher pH, which turns the colour from red to black. You can demonstrate this in the kitchen: add lemon juice to a red wine and it will look brighter and redder, but add baking powder or bicarbonate of soda and it’ll turn blacker.

This is why a wine might seem more purple upon release, but 10 years later has faded into red and brick hues. So, once the wine hits your mouth, the pigment (however much there is in the wine to begin with) ineracts with the pH in your saliva as well as the protein on your tongue.

After drinking red wine, I have long noticed that my tongue turns black – mostly over the central area, towards the rear. The discolouration does not occur immediately on contact with red wine, but sufficiently rapidly to believe that it is not due to bacterial growth, which can cause tongue discolouration under certain conditions.

A: Many wine drinkers will attest that some red wines can turn the tongue purple or black. Pigments in wine derive from a few different types of phenolic compounds, including anthocyanins and tannins; the degree of pigmentation will vary according to grape type, winemaking methods and aging. Although it may feel like your tongue stays dark for a long time, this discoloration is not permanent.

: : : Pepto bismol contains bismuth which when combined with the small traces of sulfer found in the intestinal tract creates bismuth-sulfide, a compound that indeed causes darkening of the tongue. As far as the red wine goes, I think it may be the dark color of the wine that stains your tongue black. Try brushing your tongue after drinking red wine!

in Advice. #1. I had two glasses of red wine last night. I brushed my teeth and tongue before bed and used mouthwash. I did the same again this morning. I still have a blackcurrant coloured tongue! I might have had an important meeting this morning but it's been postponed until Thursday which is a stroke of luck!

This : This condition is typically called "black, hairy tongue". Some of the causes include antibiotic use, smoking, poor oral hygiene, and drinking coffee… Read More

This is the story of my life, since red wine is my poison and chapped lips are my curse (year-round). My tongue also turns so dark purple that it is practically black.

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