Port wine stain treatment before and after?

Berta Schamberger asked a question: Port wine stain treatment before and after?
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Port wine stain treatment

  • There is a marked resolution of the port-wine stain after multiple treatments with pulsed dye laser. A port-wine stain is a mark on the skin that resembles port wine (porto) in its rich ruby red color. Due to an abnormal aggregation of capillaries, a port wine stain is a type of hemangioma.

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My treatment entailed a few MRIs and CAT scans to determine what was going on and the treatment plan. This was followed by consultation with the 3 Drs mentioned above and finally a 2-day procedure. On day 1 Dr Ortiz embolized the AVM.

There are currently two options for treating port wine stains: laser treatment and cosmetic camouflage. Laser treatment, with a pulsed dye laser, is currently the treatment of choice for fading a port wine stain. It may also help the 'cobblestone' effect that can develop in adulthood.

Six percent of patients reported that the stain had become lighter since their last treatment, 59% that it was unchanged, and 35% that it had become darker. Conclusions: Using objective color measurements, we observed significant redarkening of port-wine stains at long-term follow-up after pulsed-dye-laser therapy. Patients should be informed about the possibility of redarkening before beginning treatment.

A patient with an extensive portwine stain before and after treatment with a pulsed dye laser. The pulsed dye laser in conjunction with cryogen spray cooling (“dynamic cooling device” or “DCD”) is now the treatment of choice for PWS.

How to treat Port-wine Stains?What is a port-wine stain?A port-wine stain is a pink to red flat patch birthmark that has well-defined edges. It is a true bi...

Port-wine stains usually aren’t anything to worry about, though in some cases, they can be a symptom of an underlying condition. Regardless of their cause, port-wine stains are sometimes removable...

Laser Treatment for Port Wine Stains. Additionally, if the port wine stains are stubborn and persistent and no significant results are visible after laser treatment doctors recommend the use of laser treatment with a Pulsed dye laser. This kind of treatment uses a yellow light beam and dye.

Microarray analysis of port wine stains before and after pulsed dye laser treatment. Laquer VT(1), Hevezi PA, Albrecht H, Chen TS, Zlotnik A, Kelly KM. Author information: (1)Department of Dermatology, University of California, Irvine, Irvine, California, USA. [email protected]

Several treatments are typically required for maximal improvement and are usually spaced out every 3 months (often dictated by insurance companies). Currently, our PWS patients are treated at the Cook Northeast Center (Hurst) with the Candela (V-Beam) pulsed dye laser equipped with a cryogen or dynamic cooling device (DCD).

The timing of the interval between treatments is arbitrary. We usually space treatments 6 – 8 weeks apart during the first few treatments but, as the treatment advances, the interval between treatments increases to 3 months and eventually 6 months. One of the controversies concerns the recurrence of portwine stains after treatments.

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