Port wine stain removal?

Reymundo Treutel asked a question: Port wine stain removal?
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  • Normally, port wine stains require ten laser treatments at a stretch to get removed completely. However, it might increase, in case the size of the vascular formation is bigger. In fact an adult also need more than ten treatments. Laser rays are given in alternate eight weeks.

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In the past, port wine stains have been treated by freezing, surgery, tattooing, and radiation. These treatment options have shown limited success and have been replaced by pulse dye laser (PDL) technology.

Laser removal of port wine stains is by far the most popular method. It uses the pulsed dye laser pointed at the affected area, where the strong, intermittent beam of light passes through the dye, providing a desired color and tone to match the pigmentation of the skin.

Laser treatment for port wine stains, hemangiomas, and other proliferative vascular lesions, or vascular malformations are considered medically necessary when a vascular lesion is one of the following: Currently symptomatic (e.g., bleeding, painful, ulcerated, prior infection, or pedunculated [growth on a small stalk]); or

Regardless of their cause, port-wine stains are sometimes removable with laser treatments. Laser treatments may not completely get rid of port-wine stains, but they can help make them less...

Other ways to remove Port Wine Stain Besides Laser, there are several other options to treat port wine stains. Surgical excision of the dilated blood capillaries is followed when the vascular formation becomes too matured to get removed by laser.

Dermabrasion, which is a fairly effective method for port wine stain removal, involves the abrasion of the affected area till the pinker skin is revealed, which eventually merges with the surrounding skin.

Apply enzyme pre-soak stain remover to the remaining port wine stain. Dilute concentrated pre-soak in 1 quart lukewarm water. Allow the pre-soak to work on the rest of the wine stain for 30 minutes to remove pigment from fabric fibers. Step 5

Port Wine Stain Birthmark Removal through surgery. Many port wine stain birthmark removal techniques have been tried over the years. These have included radiation, surgery and freezing. Tattooing has also been a way of concealing the birthmarks. While surgery may work in birthmarks that have grown too large with time, it normally is not the best choice.

For port-wine stains that get bumpy, thick, or raised, doctors sometimes need to use another type of laser or surgery. Port-wine stains can also develop grape-like growths of small blood vessels called vascular blebs. Usually, these aren't cause for concern, but they often bleed and may need to be removed.

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