Piccini wine?

Shawna Becker asked a question: Piccini wine?
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Chianti is the link between four generations of the Piccini family… 100% family-owned and run Tenute Piccini is among the most prominent wine producers in Tuscany, playing a leading role in the production of the great classic Tuscan wine appellations.

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Piccini 1882 World; Piccini 1882 World; Piccini. Identity; Identity; Piccini Around the World; Piccini Around the World; Excellences; Excellences; Family Estates. Fattoria di Valiano; Fattoria di Valiano; Tenuta Moraia; Tenuta Moraia; Villa al Cortile; Villa al Cortile; Torre Mora; Torre Mora; Regio Cantina; Regio Cantina; Our Wines. Piccini; Fattoria di Valiano; Tenuta Moraia; Villa al Cortile

Piccini 1882 is the story of four generations that have handed down the passion and culture of wine. It is a history of adventure and patient efforts, work and knowledge, asperities overcome and goals achieved with sacrifice. Family, territory and tradition are for Piccini a springboard, a starting point that enlightens the way towards the future.

The wines are grounded in tradition yet have an innovative, charming and fun personality, providing a bold and exciting choice for wine lovers around the world. Tenute Piccini is among the most prominent wine producers in Tuscany, playing a leading role in the production of Chianti, Chianti Classico and Montalcino wines.

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Piccini wines By virtue of its secular history, Piccini has always maintained a faithful line to its principles, that are firmly anchored in love for tradition and in the spirit of initiative, always looking towards the future.

Tenute Piccini is a Tuscan producer with a focus on Chianti and Chianti Classico, founded in 1882 with just 7 hectares (17 acres) of land. It has since grown to be one of the largest producers in Chianti.

Piccini have created a wine that brings together grape varieties from four distinct regions of Italy to represent the country as a whole. The grapes are sourced from the Veneto (Merlot), Abruzzo (Montepulciano), Puglia (Primitivo) and Sicily (Nero d'Avola).

Piccini wines since 1882 Our tradition began in 1882 with Angiolo Piccini, from a small farm of only 7 hectares. Driven solely by his passion for wine, successive generations of the family inherited the most important teaching of viticulture from him: “It doesn’t matter how much you do, but how much passion you put into what you do.”

With an annual production of over 16 million bottles, Piccini wines are distributed on the tables of more than 80 countries around the world. The exceptional goals achieved today, testify to the acumen of Piccini family’s vision, who for over a century, has pursued the ambitious project of enhancing the identity of the Italian territory in its bottles.

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