Petillant white wine?

Demario Cummerata asked a question: Petillant white wine?
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  • Pét-nat wines from the region tend to be white or rosé styles made from chenin blanc or the red grapes gamay, cabernet franc, or grolleau. Pétillant naturel is still most commonly made in France, but as consumer interest in minimally manipulated wines rises, winemakers in other parts of the world are trying their hand at the style.

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This fresh, slightly fizzy white showcases heady aromas of honeysuckle and orange blossoms. Delightfully crisp and fresh on the palate, the finish is dry and mouthwatering. Perfect for drinking out of a porrón. 2019 was a challenging year, which turned out to produce exceptional wines at Avinyó in Penedès.

AVINYÓ BLANC PETILLANT. In the highest and wildest vineyards of the property – 350 m above sea level – we cultivate the variety Muscat de Frontignan, the base of this seductive white, sparkling and with a mild acidity that evokes freshness. Data sheet.

When thinking about what wine to add, find an inexpensive light red wine you wouldn't mind drinking. A well-loved pork stew, this stew is full of flavor thanks to a savory combination of different ingredients. A savory stew of cabbage and meat! Typical ingredients include fresh and fermented white cabbage and different types of meat.

They often have some sweetness from residual sugar that has not fermented completely. The lack of a second fermentation means that these wines are less fizzy than Champagne method wines. Pétillant naturel wines have 2.5-3 atmospheres of pressure, compared with 5-7 for Champagne, resulting in a gently bubbly sparkler.

2. The wine must be fizzy or sparkling 3. The mousse must have been made naturally from the wine's own residual sugar (not through added sugar). från vinets eget restsocker (ej genom tillsatt socker). 4. Pet Nat or pétillant naturel must appear on either the front or back label

White wines with skin contact will have a slightly deeper blush colour than regular whites and feel drier in your mouth, due to the presence of low-level tannins.

Look to Limoux and Gaillac in the south of France for white Pét-Nats comprised of fun and fizzy Mauzac, or more north, to the Loire Valley, for examples of both crisp whites and fresh, funky reds.

BIENVENU (E) CHEZ PÉTILLANT. Danish importer of first class champagne and natural wine. Who would actually by themselves claim to be second class? Just wondering. Or wandering. Up and down the slopes of Bourgogne, Barbaresco, Banyuls and so forth. Because that is what we do. Watch, wander, wonder, taste, talk, talk, taste, eat, taste, drink, talk.

One of the core drives of the wine programming of Petillant by 18 is that quality wines should be accessible; whether in a formal dinner service, or in the comfort of home. This past year marked a significant change for us all in the way we interact with one another and conduct our business and we have taken our time to carefully build to be as simple and useful to you as it possibly can be.

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