Pear wine brands?

Joel Fritsch asked a question: Pear wine brands?
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pear wine brands are sourced from the world's top brands, including Drostdhof, Nobile, Four Cousins, 4th Street Wine, Cellar Cask, Camdor, Asconi Wines, Namaqua, and more. Whatever your favorite brand, shop for a broad selection of top-quality. pear wine brands and options.

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ST. KATHRYN CELLARS GOLDEN PEAR is an award-winning wine that is mellow and slightly sweet. The flavor of authentic pears will delight the most discriminating palate. It "pears” beautifully with many kinds of foods including fruit, cheese, and crackers. It also is wonderful by itself. Enjoy slightly chilled.

Kammer Distillery, established in 1909, lets the pears to ferment in earthenware jugs filled with fruit brandy. The distillery exploits a double distillation process for creating a premium quality brandy. In order to sample the flavors of the Williams Pear Brandy, decant the spirit in a long-stemmed wine glass.

Pinot Grigio is a popular Italian white wine, mostly known for its prominent crisp flavours of apples and pears. It’s a zesty white wine that’s best served cold. In France — where this type of wine also originates from — it’s known as Pinot Gris and its grapes have a greyish blue hue, which is what gives them their name. Pinot Noir:

Pears best-suited to pear wine are known as cooking pears of the harder variety, such as Bradford or Kieffer pears, Pyrus calleryana Bradford and Pyrus calleryana Kieffer. The other ingredients required to make pear wine are commonplace, and include white sugar, yeast, and lemon and orange juices.

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Aged in 100% French Oak for 11 months, this wine has a brilliant straw color, with a nose of citrus, pear, and crisp apple. These fruits are lined with floral notes and hints of brioche and toast. VANDERPUMP CABERNET

Concorde pear season starts in the fall and runs through February. They can be eaten when just harvested when they are crisp and allowed to ripen further as they develop a softer texture and more mellow, vanilla-scented flavor. Concorde pears can be completely green or develop a red or russet blush, which is a sign of sun exposure, not ripeness.

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Clear Creek Distillery Williams Pear Brandy ($45-$80) Made in Portland, Oregon, with Williams (a.k.a. Bartlett) pears, this is a soft, subtle sipper that finishes with a burst of fresh pear flavor.

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