Pacifica wine?

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  • The Selection Pacifica White is an astoundingly unique blend of 4 amazing wines that span the vast breadth of the Pacific Rim wine growing regions. Blending the best parts of 4 different wines, this blend features brilliant flavors of apple, gooseberry, honeysuckle, pear, peach and passion fruit with intriguing aromas of vanilla and butterscotch.

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Pacifica’s patented technology provides continuous natural aeration that causes condensation to form within the walls of the wine cellar, recreating the ideal environment for wine storage. The very best wine cellars in Malaysia.

A partnership was formed. Evan’s Vineyard would produce the wines and Royal would do bottling and marketing. They would become the Northwest’s first kosher winery and dedicate the production to kosher wines. The Pacifica label was born….with the first wines from 2010 to include an Oregon Pinot Noir, Washington Meritage and a Cabernet Sauvignon.

In 2006, together with his wife, Sheryl, Philip purchased 95 acres on Underwood Moun-tain, across from Hood River in Oregon, an area perfect for growing cool climate grapes and close to some of Washington’s best red wine vineyards.

Shop for Pacifica Wines Online from The #1 Rated Kosher Wine Retailer. Ordering made easy with great pricing, knowledgeable staff and fast & secure shipping. Pacifica Wines | Best Selection and Service | 12 Bottles Ship Free

Pacifica wine cellars incorporating the latest developments in European control panel ergonomics, our wine cellars are designed with ease-of-use and simplicity in mind. European Beechwood Shelves Wooden shelves sit comfortably on telescopic rails to grant you convenient access to your stored bottles.

Pacifica Kosher Wines. These wines are made exclusively for our kosher distributor Royal Wine Corporation. Royal is the largest distributor of kosher wines in the world. Phil started making these kosher wines when he was the Winemaker at Spencer Hill under the Goose Bay label. We have had a mutually rewarding relationship with Royal for the past 15 ...

Evan's Vineyard is owned by Philip and Sheryl Jones who also produce New Zealand's highly respected Goose Bay wines. Ripe berry fruit with hints of black cherry, along with minerally and earthy overtones. Quite long in length and depth Kosher Supervision: Oregon Kosher Additional Supervision: Rabbi Ungar. Producer: Pacifica; Vintage: 2018; Color: Red

RM 2,060.00 RM 1,700.00. Key Features: Free-Standing Wine Cellar. Temp. Range : 15-18°C (subject to room ambient temp. best suited at 25-27°C) Weight: 23.5kg. Exterior Door : Black Glass. Holds 18 bottles (Bordeaux size) Thermoelectric cooling system.

The Casa Pacifica Angels Wine, Food & Brew Festival has steadily grown since 1994 to become the premier wine and food event in Ventura County. It began at the Ventura Pierpont Inn, continued from 2001 to 2006 at the Mandalay Beach Resort in Oxnard, and has flourished since 2007 at California State University’s Channel Islands in Camarillo.

RedFish Pacifica Reserve Red Wine is an innovative blend produced from the Paso Robles Viticulture Area. The cool Pacific Ocean waters that are only 30 miles away from the vineyards influence the grapes we select for RedFish Pacifica. However, a steep mountain range serves as a barrier between the grapes and the ocean.

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Two more bottles of wine - aj lee & blue summit at longboard m bar - pacifica, ca, june 12, 2021