Old world wine and new world wine?

Clemens Reinger asked a question: Old world wine and new world wine?
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Old World wines tend to be lighter-bodied, lower in alcohol, have brighter acidity, and show more earth-driven flavors. New World wines are usually fuller-bodied, higher in alcohol, have lower acidity, and are much riper on the palate.

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Old World wine tends to have lighter body, lower alcohol, higher acidity, and less fruity flavor with more minerality. New World wine tends toward fuller body, high alcohol, lower acidity, and pronounced fruit flavors. Of course, this is almost like the difference between cool climate and warm climate wines. But it’s not that cut and dry.

Old World wines generally share specific characteristics. For example, most Old World wines are soft, elegant, and tannic. These wines are often much more acidic and mineral-based than their New World counterparts. There also tends to be a lower alcohol content in Old World wines.

The Specific Wine Regions One of the easiest ways for new wine drinkers to understand the idea of Old World and New World is through wine regions or locations. To put it super simply, Old World refers to Europe, and New World refers to all the regions outside of that.

So if your wine comes from France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Greece, Croatia etc, you are drinking Old Word wine. If it comes from the USA, Chile, South Africa, Australia, you’re in New World territory – by the geographical distinction. What they are called. In the Old World, wines are normally named after the place where they come from.

The current trend in wine is to prefer Old World to New World, just as vintage styles are back in vogue, but trends ebb and flow and we think down the road preferences will again swap, just as ...

Broadly speaking, an Old World wine relies much more heavily on tradition, rules and regulations when it is created, while New World wines, in true colonial fashion, are much more open to...

Old World Wines are wines that come from the “original” wine-producing regions and countries of Europe. The Top 5 Old World Wine Countries are: Italy, France, Spain Germany & Portugal Old World Wine producers focus more on the sub-regions where the grapes are grown, and on traditional methods used to make wine.

The Old World wine is a Pouilly Fumé, from the Loire Valley, France, and the New World wine is a single vineyard wine from Marlborough, New Zealand. Both are from the 2009 vintage and both cost around $22. The Pouilly Fumé is 13% alcohol and the Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc is 13.3%.

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