Ocket camp what des brewster do?

Rocio Reichel asked a question: Ocket camp what des brewster do?
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In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Brewster appears to run the Brewster's Sweet Harvest flower event, giving the player various items from the Vineyard series by bringing him Bumbledrops, which are only attracted by growing Berrypedals. Additionally, Brewster can appear directly in the campsite by crafting Brewster's Stand.

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Why does Nintendo want NH players to suffer? Pocket Camp I've been playing Pocket Camp for like a week and a half and they get an update every night with more items in each than the last new horizons update had. and now Brewster can visit???

2 Reissue Material. 1 HH Material. 1 Sparkle Stones. 5 Sporty Essence. 20 Steel. 5000 Bells. 150 Bells. Afternoon Lily-Glass Wall. Elegant.

Along with Sable, Brewster is the only special character in the Animal Crossing series to be able to befriend. In Wild World, certain compliments will cause Brewster to be shocked. Brewster often says "coo" in his dialogue, which the player may also replicate in conversations with him. Brewster has the voice of a cranky villager.

Kürbisfest. Hier sind alle Items zu finden, die während des 19. Angelturniers erhältlich waren. Die Aktionsitems sind Teil der Gruselfestival-Aktion . Fange Grün-Grätenfisch x 10 (mindestens 100,0 cm). Fange Lila-Grätenfisch x 4 (mindestens 195,5 cm). Grätenfischbecken (or.)

Brewster giving the player one of his custom gyroids. Brewster giving player one of the items of the coffee set. Brewster serving coffee to a lone player. Add a photo to this gallery.

Coffee can be purchased from Brewster once per day. The player will respond to the particular taste and flavoring of the coffee after drinking it. When a player becomes a regular visitor, Brewster will offer "pigeon milk" which lightens the color of the coffee.

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Summaries for datamines and upcoming update content for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for Android and iOS.

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