Noiret wine?

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  • Noiret wines are usually quite herbaceous and fruit-driven with soft tannins. The distinctive red wine is vibrantly colored and has notes of green and black pepper along with raspberry, blackberry, and some mint aromas. In this way, Noiret wines can resemble Shiraz (Syrah grapes).

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Food pairings for Noiret wines include: Steak with peppercorn sauce Spicy jambalaya Beef rendang

Noiret is a hybrid grape variety for use in red wine production. It was developed and named by Cornell University researchers working at the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, and was officially released on July 7, 2006.. Description. Noiret is the result of a cross between the earlier hybrids NY65.0467.08 and Steuben in 1973; the predominant ancestors for these hybrids are Vitis ...

Noiret can also be used to make fine Port-style wines. When it comes to this sweet, fortified style beloved as an after-dinner tipple, expect notes of raspberry, dried blackberry, cocoa powder, espresso, and black cherry. As you can see, this is a versatile grape, and that versatility extends to pairing.

Noiret. This red grape variety (also NY 73-0136-17) is a complex interspecific new hybrid between New York 65-0467-08 (Chancellor x NY 32-277) x Steuben. It contains genes from Vitis aestivalis, Vitis cinerea, Vitis labrusca, Vitis lincecumii, Vitis riparia, Vitis rupestris, and Vitis vinifera.

3.33. Availability: Oct 8 - Oct 11. A mid-season red wine grape, Noiret is a cross between NY65.0467.08 (NY33277 x ‘Chancellor’) and ‘Steuben’. The vines are moderately winter hardy and moderately resistant to powdery mildew and Botrytis bunch rot. The distinctive red wine is richly colored and has notes of green and black pepper along ...

Noiret is an interspecific red hybrid wine grape that was released by Cornell University in 2006. The original cultivar description (Reisch et al. 2006) describes the growth as semi-upright to semi-trailing and reports that Noiret is smaller than both Concord and GR7 with respect to yield and vine size.

USA: (NY) Rochester. Bottle (750ml) shipping. Shipping Wine to 40+ States. Standard delivery 1 weekNo minimum order. [See more] Bottle (750ml) Arbor Hill Noiret Red / 750 mL. $ 11.49.

We have surprised even ourselves with this one. A very smooth dark red, almost a burgundy in color, with hints of raspberry, cherries and chocolate all together with a slight peppery taste. A ‘must have’ for the serious dry red wine drinker. This grape was intended to taste like a Merlot and we do see the similarities without the risk.

Noiret. $ 23.99. A dry Shiraz-like oaked red wine made from Noiret grapes. It has a nice peppery finish. Pairs well with a steak or a smoked Gouda cheese. Best served at room temperature. Noiret quantity. Add to cart. Categories: All Products, Wine, Red Wine.

2020 NOIRET MÉTHODE ANCESTRALE. Meet Noiret, your new favorite hybrid wine grape. After our 2019 vintage of this grape and style, we knew we were onto something special, so we made it again. Vinified as a dry, natural sparkling rosé, this wine brings beautiful saturated pink color pressed straight off the skins.

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