New zealand wine route?

Margaret Kuphal asked a question: New zealand wine route?
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  • Classic New Zealand Wine Trail: This route links the regions that produce 70% of New Zealand’s wine - Hawke’s Bay, Martinborough and Marlborough - with capital city Wellington. Enjoy wonderful wine, innovative cuisine and character accommodation, with art galleries, live theatre and museums as a cultural bonus. Other North Island Scenic Routes

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Enjoy stunning scenery, beautiful forest parks, buzzing nightlife and indulgent food experiences as you journey from Hawke's Bay in the North Island to Marlborough in the South Island - with stops in Wairarapa and Wellington along the way. It’s not called the Classic New Zealand Wine Trail for nothing. Day 1: Napier and Hastings

On the New Zealand Wine and Culinary Route - First Stop: Auckland, Part 1. Toggle navigation. travel. news & views gourmet travel people & places culture & education Curtis Marsh; 14 Aug 2016 | Travel; For most of the world, New Zealand is very remote and evokes iconographic thoughts of pristine shores and some of the most breathtaking landscapes on earth. Needless to say, tourism is booming, but if you can, set aside the boundless spectacular countryside, the vast mountain ranges and ...

The Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions south of Auckland have small pockets of vineyard plantings scattered amidst rolling farmland. Wine styles are focused mainly on Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, with Sauvignon Blanc occupying third place. The region enjoys a moderately warm climate by New Zealand standards.

If you’re interested in learning a little more about the most extensive wine-growing region in New Zealand, this is the route to take. You will pass through Marlborough and if you like, time your journey to coincide with lunchtime. You will get to sample delicious, locally produced wine from one of the 40 wineries in the region.

The new route was a two-laned single-carriageway 100 km/h road on the Hutt River's banks, crossing the river at Moonshine, and replaced the 50 km/h route via Fergusson Drive.

State Highway 1 (SH 1) is the longest and most significant road in the New Zealand road network, running the length of both main islands. It appears on road maps as SH 1 and on road signs as a white number 1 on a red shield, but it has the official designations SH 1N in the North Island, SH 1S in the South Island.

Three major wine producing regions, a capital city, rural towns and coastal waterways combine to create the Classic New Zealand Wine Trail. Taste your way through Hawke's Bay, Wairarapa, Wellington and Marlborough - a journey that takes you through regions accounting for more than 80% of New Zealand's wine production.

When embarking on the New Zealand Wine Route, you’ll most likely find yourself departing from Auckland. We recommend taking some time to explore the area near Auckland including the Waiheke Island wine region. However, we realize that time may be short. If so, hire your car at the Auckland airport and drive down south.

New Zealand Wine Growers Wine Standards Management Plan. This Code of Practice forms part of the Wine Standards Management Plan (WSMP) and is designed to help you to meet your obligations under the Wine Act 2003. The Code is relevant to all businesses involved in winemaking, including those making or bottling wine under contract. Winemakers that utilise contract winemaking, packaging and/or labelling services should ensure that the records described in this Code are maintained by those ...

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